Sam Shepard
posted: February 3, 2010
This is playwrite/actor/celebrity guy SamShepard. I'll admit a bit of cultural ignorance here and admit that I had really only known him from his great role as Chuck Yeager in The Right Stuff. For reference I used a photo by Rudy Waks from last week's NYT Book Review. This was really just for experimentation - I used several different drawing and painting programs, turned the thing sideways, upsidedown and backwards. It still looks like I did it though. I'm a big fan of the idea of cutting your own head off and trying to grow a new one, but that's easier said than done. Baby steps.
Nick Ramos February 3, 2010
It looks like a fully baked idea to me... It' great!
Nancy Stahl February 3, 2010
You're coming over to the dark side, Dale? Looks like a smooth transition to me..!
randy enos February 3, 2010
This guy is a GREAT playwright. You should try him with his mouth open...he's got great crooked messed up teeth to play with.
Steve Wacksman February 4, 2010
I wish I could see that a little closer. It looks looser than usual, huh? More 'color planes' as they woulda said in art school. I like it. I like Shepard, too; I'm a bit of a sucker for the romance of the west. Keep at it, man - experimentation is both a luxury AND a necessity. Howsabout some giant steps?
Victor Juhasz February 4, 2010
That photo in the TIMES Book Review was high contrast therefore creating more questions than answers in the features. You pulled a rabbit out of the hat on this one considering the detail here.
Tim OBrien February 5, 2010
Nice piece Dale. I like the type over the image.
Richard Downs February 5, 2010
Nice portrait, Dale. It really is amazing how talented some of these actors are, Shepard is one of the best.
nwright February 5, 2010
love this Dale- Reminds me of "the Wall" in D.C. Beautiful piece.
Drew Friedman February 7, 2010
Hey Dale, A little late but I love this one.