Thou Shalt Stand In Line For One....
posted: January 21, 2010
It seems like the whole media world is waiting on the edge of it's seat to see what exactly Steve Jobs will unveil next week. Will it just be a big iPhone? Will it make me ditch my 3 newspaper a day, 5 magazine a week habit? Most importantly, will I be able to get those awful supermarket checkout line tabloids that I buy for my wife to spare her the embarrassment of doing so herself?

Kyle T Webster January 21, 2010
Way cool, Dale, and I can't wait to see if the tablet is a Cintiq tablet and a Mac rolled into one...
Hanoch Piven January 21, 2010
Holy Moses that's a great concept Dale.
Alex Nabaum January 21, 2010
iTablets from Mt. Sinai, I love it!
Steve Brodner January 21, 2010
Lead us to the promised land!
Shout January 21, 2010
that's AWESOME!
Adam McCauley January 21, 2010
Great piece Dale, really great likeness too! I'm sort of dreading this whole tablet business. More tech crap for landfills, more headaches for illustrators and designers. Let's hope it doesn't do to our industry what the iPod did to the music business.
Harry January 21, 2010
Great stuff. I'm a bit annoyed with the whole latest and greatest but maybe it will be really great, surprising. There's so much good stuff in here. I keep going back to the edge of the device with those pinkish clouds behind, beautiful. I do worry about Steve Jobs, you've made him look much healthier than he appears of late.
Leo Espinosa January 21, 2010
Awesome, Dale. I feel like I want to touch those sacred thingies! I've heard that their non stick surface is great for pancakes and french toasts.
Scott Bakal January 21, 2010
Excellent portrait, Dale!
Victor Juhasz January 22, 2010
Smart idea and an excellent Jobs.
Steve Wacksman January 22, 2010
Great one across the board, Dale- an excellent likeness, a thoughtful concept and a beautifully realized environment. Love those clouds and the filtered light. I'm with AdMac on this one, especially in light of the iPod's effect on the music industry. This thing could really wind up being devastating. Still, I TOTALLY want one.
peter January 22, 2010
Just an exquisite piece of work . . . blown away.
Ellen Weinstein January 22, 2010
Nice job on Jobs!!
Thomas January 25, 2010
Awesome work - would love to see it in a wallpaper format :D