posted: December 17, 2009
What the hell, I'll be opportunistic. This was for Golf World's Newsmakers '09 issue - Jennifer Cole is the AD. I did about 15 pieces including the cover, which I'll post later. I don't know a whole lot about golf, but from what I could gather Tiger lost a big one here. I'll bet looking back he thinks this was a pretty minor event.

Kyle T Webster December 17, 2009
Yep! That's the least of his worries! Great likenesses.
Leo Espinosa December 17, 2009
ha, ha, pretty funny to scroll down and find the little character at the bottom of the illo (sorry but I don't know his name) Golf World needs an interactive cover that would let the viewers to that. (see what Brodner just posted about Sports Illustrated)
PEter December 17, 2009
So great! That little golfer is lovin it. I guess the piece is relevant again in some ways. I feel bad for Tiger but in a way see it as an opportunity for him to do some soul searching. I'm still rooting for him. Great painting
David Flaherty December 17, 2009
Yeah, just taking the Korean out will generate a new salable image! (or put his wife there) anyway, you captured him.
Drew Friedman December 19, 2009
Love it.
Mark Heng December 22, 2009
Haha...Love the tears welling up...