posted: November 30, 2009
Eddie here is a vampire. Now I've heard complaints from my fellow fright flick affionados that Ed is to Dracula as a manpurse carrying Tom Brady is to Johnny Unitas. No argument there, although in both cases the pretty boy seems to be better box office.

As far as the current craze over vampires is concerned, maybe it's a reflection of the vanity industrial complex in our culture. Could be that it's a metaphor for the way the seemingly immortal wealthy titans on Wall Street feed on the endless supply of suckers lining up and offering the lifeblood of their financial solvency.

Or maybe movie goers just like to see hot young things giving hickies that last a looooong time. Whatever, I prefer Zombies.

laura tallardy November 30, 2009
i am praying this is a commission and not a fan art, dale!! great pic either way. my sister is big into this stuff. me, i like the classic brad pitt/tom cruise/ann rice affair. great pompadour too!!
Drew Friedman November 30, 2009
Just Great. Love the Hair! Hah! Ironically my word is "hairmost"
Kyle T Webster November 30, 2009
Seconding Drew here - the hair is perfecto.
Victor Juhasz November 30, 2009
Very nice. I agree. Terrific hair.
Harry Campbell November 30, 2009
Good stuff Dale. I don't really get the whole vampire craze, seems the genre is a tad overdone.
Walter Vasconcelos November 30, 2009
My daughter love this film, I will show her when she gets home. I prefer Zombies too...
Yuko November 30, 2009
Dale, Yap, cool hair! I personally believe Vampire craze comes from fear of death and more contemporary reason can be fear of aging. When 'youth' becomes more and more glorified in American culture, young girls (and maybe boys) dream of forever young (and beautiful, maybe). Teenage vanpires never need to think about Botox. How convenient is that? :-b
Chris Whetzel November 30, 2009
Great image. I too am a zombie man, and I don't see what so appealing to kids about this new age vampire genre. Ah well, makes for good art!
Dale November 30, 2009
Thanks everyone. My daughter, Isabella who we call Bella shares the name of the female lead in the movie/books and we live on Twilight Drive. Spooooky! So she's a big fan too. I went to the first movie and I recall a very satisfying nap.
John Dykes November 30, 2009
Nice one, Dale!
Richard Downs November 30, 2009
Very nice, Dale. This kid is being groomed to be the next, James Dean. Our daughter is on our netflix account and we have been getting all of these early Pattison movies. They are completely unwatchable. Twilight was OK.
Mark Fisher December 1, 2009
Dale, the smooth sculpted clay feel and color of the skin feels so creepily nice and the do is to.
Scott Bakal December 1, 2009
Ahh...the fads of society. In the 80's it was the Lost Boys and now it swings back around to Twilight or something or other. I am sure the dinosaur craze will happen again in another 5-10 years. Nice portrait, Dale.
Leo Espinosa December 1, 2009
I have no clue who this bloody character is but I like what you did here, Dale. There's just the right amount of caricature and distortion mixed with a great drawing and technique.