Ismael Roldan, RIP
posted: September 16, 2009
Fellow caricaturist Ismael Roldan has passed away. I always enjoyed his work with it's intricate colored pencil cross hatching. He made no secret of his love of David Levine's drawings and I think he advanced the ball a bit by using color with a similar technique. I didn't know Ismael, but as a contemporary of his I felt I knew him through his work. Originally from Columbia, Ismael lived here in the States for the last 20 years and had what looked to be a very successful career as an illustrator. Heartfelt condolences to his wife and family.

Hanoch Piven September 16, 2009
That is so sad. In our industry even if you don't personally know someone you feel like you know him by having seen their work so many times.
Leo Espinosa September 16, 2009
Oh, man! I only spoke to Ismael once when I first moved to New York and he was very nice. My heart goes out to his family.
O.C. September 16, 2009
La tristeza no deja palabras. Roldán fue (es) orgullo y maestro para muchos de nosotros en Colombia. Increíble noticia
Drew Friedman September 16, 2009
That's terrible news. He was a real talented guy and from what I've heard from others, a real nice guy.
John Dykes September 16, 2009
Sad day.... I loved his work....
Joe Ciardiello September 16, 2009
Sad news
Stephen Kroninger September 16, 2009
Thanks for posting this to Drawger, Dale.
Steve Brodner September 16, 2009
I knew Ismael. He was as sweet as he was talented. He came to talk at my class last year, full of ideas and generous words for the students. This is a terrible blow. He was a great colleague and a very fine human being . . . and will be dearly missed.
Tim OBrien September 16, 2009
He was brilliant and had some amazing work. Live big everyone. Live life to the fullest.
Harry September 16, 2009
Sad. Thanks for posting Dale. I can't find out how he died, I'm always a bit curious when it's someone of my own age. Doesn't really matter though. sad.
Kyle T Webster September 16, 2009
Very sad, and he was so young. Thanks for posting this, Dale - I did not know his work, but now I do.
Scott Bakal September 16, 2009
Very sad. I remind myself sometimes: Take your age and subtract is from 75. That's about how many summers, winters, Christmas's, birthdays, Halloween parties you have left. "Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think."
Zach Trenholm September 16, 2009
I just found out---this is so terribly sad. An incredibly talented man, I knew Ismael for over 12 years..... We had many exchanges on the trials & tribulations of being a full-time caricaturist, actually pretty much on life in general, including the trauma & hardship of divorce from his first wife a few years ago. His recent marriage to Michelle had been wonderful & had made him so happy.... Would like to know the how & the why. Really going to miss him...
Dale Stephanos September 16, 2009
I'm sure Ismael would be happy to read all the kind words here. Again, I didn't know him, but I feel a certain kinship with whoever has the same strange urge as I do to twist people's faces to their liking. Zach, I don't know the details, but if/when I do I'll let you know. You do the same? Thanks.
Kira September 17, 2009
I am still trying to find out the details about his passing, but (unconfirmed) his wake will be held on 09/19/09 from 2 to 5pm at 491 MAMARONECK AVE WHITE PLAINS, NY 10605. I've known Ish and his son and his talent and his heart for years and will mourn his passing for a long time.
Roberto Parada September 17, 2009
I never had the chance to meet Ismael and It's heartbreaking to hear of his premature passing. Too Young.
O.C. September 17, 2009
Hello Dear Dale Thanks for posting it. About the details of the very sad news, this is what his cousin wrote to some colleagues in Colombia: Hola mis amigos de noticias Cartoon, para agradecerles en nombre de toda mi familia este homenaje e informarles que mi primo Ismaelito, falleció entre las 6 y las ocho de la mañana en su casa de Nueva York, por causa de un infarto cardíaco fulminante de acuerdo a lo revelado la autopsia. Su esposa lo encontro inmóvil, cuando ella regresó del gimnasio y llamó al 911. Cuando llegaron los paramédicos ya estaba sin pulso. Que tragedia y que tristeza Un abrazo CARLOS ALBERTO ROLDAN LUNA
Zach Trenholm September 19, 2009
Jeez---heart attack at 45. Slim, very laid back kinda guy too. What a shame not to mention major loss....
daveB September 22, 2009
tribute up on line at it also ran in the paper which I felt was both classy and appropriate
Bill Russell September 22, 2009
Ish interned for me during his last year at Parsons. He was such a sweet man. And a great illustrator.