Bicycling Spots
posted: June 16, 2009
I've been doing these fun little spots for Erin Benner and David Speranza at Bicycling for a year or so now. These are for the "Hub Bub" section which is a page of short blurbs that are usually funny in some way. They print at maybe 2 inches across so I have to pull back from my natural tendency to get into excruciating detail.
It's nice to be able to combine my interest in bikes and drawing and get a check in the mail for my efforts.

I'd like to challenge Al Roker to a race. Any time. I think I finally found someone I could beat.

Drew Friedman June 16, 2009
Dale, these are so great.
David Flaherty June 16, 2009
You are really working the teeth there Dale! Al Roker! My money is on you.
Richard Downs June 16, 2009
Nice pieces Dale. It has been confirmed that Lance Armstrong will be racing in the 49th Annual Nevada City Bicycle Classic this Sunday. Come on out and cheer him on with us! and my 2nd cousin, racing women's pro for Team Tibco.
Chris Whetzel June 16, 2009
These are great light-hearted pieces. I especially like the Al Roker! I also enjoy how you still work in little details like the t.p behind Matt Damon and Dempsey's surgical gloves; they are not "exruciating detail," but they are just little bits that enhance the pieces.
Mark Heng June 17, 2009
Hey, it's great to see these not-as-super-polished pieces- It's a little insight into your technique. What's the story with the toliet paper behind Matt Damon?
Dale June 17, 2009
Thanks for the kind words, peoples. Flaherty, I'd put money on Roker too, but the race shall be up hill, not down. That's the only kind I can win. Mark, nice to hear from you! Apparently it was really windy on whatever ride Damon was doing, I think it was a 100k charity thing. Anyway, a porta-potty was blown over. Insert your own s- hitting the fan joke here.
Dave C August 17, 2009
Dale, Your old team mate here! I know this post is old, got to it from JB's blog. And no way you could lose to are a steely eyed missile man! Hope all's well. Dave
Cait March 5, 2010
When I saw these in the magazine I thought they were really great. Im so jealous that youve illustrated for Bicycling, Ive always wanted to, which is why I stumbled across this blog while trying to figure out how to contact their art director. Great work!