Liberty Magazine
posted: June 2, 2009
Here's a cover I did for Bryan Gray at Liberty Magazine last month. I've admired the work of the illustrators he's worked with in the past, so doing a cover was something I was very happy about. I usually prefer to come up with my own ideas for what I'm going to illustrate, but Bryan came to me with what I thought was a home run. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia addressed the UN on religious freedom, which was ironic because he himself is responsible for oppressing such freedoms. I loved the image of the folds in the king's robes being prison bars. There's no telling what horrors are down there.

randy enos June 2, 2009
Great cover Dale. Bryan is a great guy to work for because he's smart and is a terrific designer.
larryroibal June 2, 2009
Great illustration Dale. From King Abdullah oppressing religious freedoms in Sudi Arabia, to the murder of Dr. George Tiller by our own home grown extremists, religious fanaticism is an important and most disturbing issue.
NWRIGHT June 2, 2009
Dale- awesome piece! all digital??
Tim OBrien June 2, 2009
Nice one Dale. I like the idea too. Why is Bush in there (I know WHY, but is the article about that connection?)
Dale Stephanos June 2, 2009
Thanks guys. Nick, yes it's all digital. Tim, Bush is in there because....uh...hmm...apparently it was important to have him in there. Bryan and I sort of scratched our heads at that as well. He was great about agreeing to make it as unobtrusive as possible. And thanks for recognizing him, by the way. When you can get a likeness using just the back 3/4 of someone's head it makes you think that maybe you do know how to drive that buggy after all.
nwright June 2, 2009
Dale- I recognized him within the first second, even before the King... nail on the head!
Doug Fraser June 2, 2009
Well done, and you nailed Bush as well with the back of his head!
Richard Downs June 2, 2009
Nice piece Dale, and the weird religious hand hold with Bush is classic!
Dale Stephanos June 3, 2009
It definitely wrinkled my forehead to see President Obama doing the hand holding with this cat today. I guess it comes with the job.
Zina Saunders June 5, 2009
Great one, Dale!