Crumb at Mass Art
posted: February 19, 2009
I met a few friends at Mass Art last night to see the R. Crumb exhibit. I've always admired Crumb's uncompromising dedication to his artistic vision even though the actual subject matter makes me want to protect any child that may be within a mile of his work. Women in particular could learn quite a bit about what it's like in a man's head if they saw/read what I saw last night. I fear that there would be more lesbians in the world if this material were distributed widely. Not that that would be a bad thing.
One of the more interesting images I saw was this piece - a drawing on acid blotter. You sure don't get that kind of drawing high working digitally.
Bob Staake February 19, 2009
i'm with you, dale -- we need more lesbians -- if only to take our minds off our dwindling mutual funds. crumb is one of those guys who you just read in slack-jawed awe -- at least that's the way i read him. all my crumb books are squirreled away in a spot where the squirrels would never find them. i always thought women should read crumb and bukowski to get a better take on the dark side of the male species, but every time i have suggested that they've said "i'm not gonna read anything by those misogynists!". well, we try.
Ms. Anon February 20, 2009
Pssh! *This* woman reads Crumb and knows plenty of others who do too. In fact, I had a girlfriend once who gave me one of his books. (I'm not sure whether this disputes Dale's point or proves it.)
Bob Staake February 20, 2009
well, of course YOU read crumb, maria!
Dale Stephanos February 20, 2009