Front Page Fuchs
posted: December 3, 2008
Someone around here should mention Thomas Fuch's great illustration on the front page of the New York Times today. I love that they used illustration in the same spot that's usually reserved for the most important news of the day.
john cuneo December 3, 2008
Wow. Thom can really do everything can't he? -and sometimes all in the same illustration. I guess it's a Heinz Edelmann thing.
Tim OBrien December 3, 2008
Dale, you know better than actually show our fellow Drawger's work on Drawger? I knew SOMEONE would have to write about it. I came down stairs to see the Times on the table and could not figure out what I was seeing. Clearly the Times hired a bunch of illustrators to imagine Cuomo but better than that they called Thomas. Wonderful job Fuchs. Now if I could only get the Cuomo portrait commission.
Dale Stephanos December 3, 2008
You're right Tim, next time I'm in New York I'll need eyes in the back of my head for fear of the Fuch's wrath. I say we start the campaign for O'Brien/Cuomo 09!
Steve Brodner December 3, 2008
Modesto Fuchs would not put this up himself. It is a magnificent piece and is above the fold today, the major image in the big show. There is no mention of him in the piece, just the micro credit. It's about the crummudgeon Cuomo who doesn't want to sit for a portrait. But it doesn't matter. This wonderful illustrator did a better job than any corporate portrait hack. They can hang this piece and be brilliant! Illustration, and Fuchs, rule!
David Flaherty December 3, 2008
Fuchs: 4 illustrators in 1!
felix Sockwell December 3, 2008
Fuchasso! nice, dale. i actually sent the exact same sentiment to fuchs and co this morning. so weird that Picasso copies Fuchs
fuchs December 3, 2008
aaaaw, thanks guys! that was actually a rather fun job- had no idea it would run on the front page when i started. one of those "start at 1 pm, done by 6pm" gigs that test your coffee maker. the concept is all theirs, excellent idea i find. and to top it all off, John MacLeod is a great guy to work with...
Tim OBrien December 3, 2008
People what to know where the industry is going? Staff illustrators doing any style that's needed. Stay freelance Thomas!
Marc December 3, 2008
Not his best work. Kidding! Congrats, Thomasóbeautiful job.
Robert Hunt December 3, 2008
Love it. Really love the Mondrian!