There Will Be Mud
posted: February 26, 2008
I'm looking forward to tonight's debate. I've been fascinated at the way Hillary has melted down with each loss to Obama. It seems as though her campaign is throwing the different sides of her personality at us the way a bucket brigade would throw water on a barn fire. I smell futility.

It's also interesting to see how Barack Obama has gained a such a strong following by being a more focused personality, but much murkier policy maker than Hillary. They are two sides of the same coin. Change.

This was a cover for the Providence Phoenix - the Boston Phoenix' offspring. The Boston PHX was my first steady freelance gig. They're fun to work for because I can do pretty much what I want, and the dealines are pretty tight. The work I do for them tends to be more spontaneous than some of my more rendered stuff, and it straddles my cartoonist/illustrator personalities nicely.

For this kind of thing, I try not to look at any reference photos if I know the personalities well enough.
Alex Murawski February 26, 2008
Imagine the possibility of actually feeling sorry of Hillary Clinton. A weird world for sure. I dig your puppy dog treatment of her.
Edel Rodriguez February 26, 2008
Dale, do you usually do these with the pencil line and digital color over it? I like the combination, especially on Hillary. Nice to see the quick gestural pencil coming through the color, gives it a loose quality.
Dale Stephanos February 26, 2008
Alex, I agree, it's a strange feeling to have any pity for Hillary. It ain't over though. Edel, thanks for the kind words. I often use pencil with color done in Photoshop, or Painter, as I did here. I also use a lot of ball point pen, brush/india ink, whatever. As I said, I enjoy working with these guys because I can just do whatever with no real outside pressure.
Jim Paillot February 26, 2008
Love the desperate "please like me" look in Hillary's eyes. Nice artwork, Dale. I hope they both do us proud tonite.
Cathleen Toelke February 26, 2008
An interesting pair for sure. I like the subtle but telling differences you made in their gestures and expressions. I'm looking forward to the ongoing debate.
Robert Saunders February 26, 2008
What would happen if they exchanged eyebrows? Just a thought... Great spontaneity in these portraits, Dale. Maybe I'll tune in tonight!