Oh, God.
posted: February 1, 2008
Title: Too much work for too little money.
I should aslo mention that the cramped composition is because I had to make room for the logo, headline and mailing label that's on the cover as well....
Back in the 80's when I lived with my older brother in a little apartment in Boston, one of our preferred leisure activities was to enjoy some of nature's bounty and watch late night televangelists. This was in the Reagan years, so Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority where on the media's radar screen, and Jim and Tammy Fay Baker were kickin' it, doing what they do. Or did. I can't tell you how many times we'd look at each other wide eyed and say "Oh. My. GOD" and burst out laughing.

Well, one person's sucker is another's parishoner I guess. When I got the call to do a piece on Senator Chuck Grassley's investigation into the "Grassley Six" - a select group of televangelsts who are suspected of - get ready for it - inappropriate fiscal activity for a nonprofit entity, I said sure, I'd love to get a shot in.

The funny thing about this story is that Grassley himself is a christian right winger who is putting it to these cats because they're ruining the Christian Right Wing name. Okay. At least someone's doing it.
Stephen Kroninger February 1, 2008
Bob, I have an Ernest Angley prayer sponge! That was a great show. He did have the wonderful gospel singer Marion Williams on there from time to time. Dale---I watched those shows back in the 80's too. They were so over the top that they made great background noise while I was working. Do you remember the 700 and PTL clubs from the seventies? That's when got me hooked. It was before they started raking in ridiculous sums of money so their production values were on a par with the old Uncle Floyd Show. I went to see Jimmy Swaggart at Madison Square Garden before his fall from grace. At the end everyone spoke in tongues except one lost soul. Me. I wonder if anything will come of this Grassley investigation. It's long overdue. Nice work, Dale. Looks like you had a blast painting it.
Robert Saunders February 1, 2008
Forget who it's of; I just like the composition, likenesses, color palette, wispy contrails, humor,'s all good!
Dale Stephanos February 1, 2008
Thanks for the links guys. This was for the Wittenburg Door. It's like the Onion on the christian right/religious issues. It's funnier than I thought it would be. We also used to listen to a bunch of radio preachers, I forget their names. They'd sound like Tom Waits or Screamin' Jay Hawkins, yelling JEEEEZZZZUSSSSSS-UUUUH! I'd love to find audio of that stuff. We heard it on skip around sundown on the weekends. I'm not a man of a particular faith, and I hold no animosity towards these folks. To me they are entertainers, and it appears that their audience is willing to shell out a lot of money to keep themselves entertained.
John Dykes February 1, 2008
A great one, Dale!! Looks like you had a blast creating it.... Gotta love that title!
Dale Stephanos February 1, 2008
Thanks John, I guess that would make me...The Creator...Mwhahahahaah
Mark P February 1, 2008
Hey Dale - Great piece. Awesome hands! I caught Benny Hinn once on TV - he was on stage in front of a billion people in South America somewhere. It was horrifying - all those people in the audience worshipping that crazy bastid! That said, I'm glad Joel Osteen is not among the wicked group. When I first saw him on TV I thought he was ridiculous. Then everytime I flipped a channel he was on and I started to listen just for kicks. And I realized that he's quite good. Just offering a positive message - amazingly smooth speaker.
Chris Buzelli February 2, 2008
Dale, I don't know how you do it. All those characters. It would take me a month to do all that. The concept is hilarious. Great piece.
Kyle Dithers February 2, 2008
It's brown, and shiny, like drops of fresh wet poo.
Rob Dunlavey February 2, 2008
Yeah! Go get 'em Dale. Ditto on what Buzelli said. Personally, I never got into this stuff and can never imagine wasting my time even being entertained by it. Well, maybe the artist/anthropologist in me might. Sad. The only good Christian is a skeptical Christian.
Doug Hch February 14, 2008
Nice stuff, I'm getting teary eyed,Your illustrations are awesome. When am I gonna get invited to Drawger?