posted: January 9, 2008
This portrait of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg was for a story on how Bloomie has  shaken up NYC schools. When I first talked to the art director about the job, it was suggested that I depict "crowds of people running away in terror". In a panic, I blurted out "Red tape! Red tape"! They went for that instead and for the first time in a few months I got to do a job that involved just one face.

I'm usually more comfortable throwing tomatoes than spreading rosepetals, but not being 100% sure of the issues surrounding this situation, I was happy to try to make a good looking picture.
I could spend weeks just working on the flesh. I'm always a little disappointed when I know I've done enough and it's time to move on....
Robert Saunders January 9, 2008
Mikey coming in power and glory to slay the nefarious red tape! A solid piece, Dale...this one's bulletproof.
mark p January 9, 2008
One of your more striking pieces in recent memory Dale... Silver & of my favorite color combos. I notice you use backlighting to very good effect in many pieces too. Dramatic - nice!
randy enos January 9, 2008
BRAVO Dale....a real beauty....great portrait.
daveB January 9, 2008
nice one - love the red tape and you've captured his grinch lips perfectly!
Christoph Hitz January 10, 2008
Dale, My new favorite.
Mark Heng January 10, 2008
Thanks for posting the close up! Mmmmmm....Flesh....I love the microscopic pores and wrinkles...How do you do it? Or is that a trade secret? ;)
Mike Moran January 10, 2008
Love everything about this Dale. Man you can paint and draw. Great on the close up.
Dale Stephanos January 10, 2008
Thanks guys. Mark H - The secret? It reveals itself after 20 years of obsessing over details. Don't tell anyone!
Bob Staake January 10, 2008
this one must have slipped my eye, dale. terrific piece -- and you stuck to only ONE sbject (bloomburg) instead of feeling the need to add obama, thompson, ron paul and harold stassen!!! LOVE the almost sculptural quality of this one -- in the pulled back view it looks like you're approaching your subject as if he's a hunk of moldable clay. oh, wait -- that would be bush after cheney got to him. anyway, you get my drift. for what it's worth, i think this is one of your absolute strongest pieces (though the drawing of the scruffy weezer dude is right up there as well). a tour de stephanos!
Doug Hoch February 14, 2008
Beautiful, I like the painterly style in your computer paintings that you don't get in your non computer paintings. Kinda like swimming in the ocean but swimmin in a pond, kinda