Please don't vote.
posted: January 7, 2008
Are you undecided? Has the presidential campaign just started showing up on your radar? Are you leaning towards Obama because you think it might be nice to finally have a black president, or Hillary because "It's about time a woman was elected president"?

If you've found yourself in any of these positions and you live in New Hampshire, then please, please, don't vote tomorrow. An ignorant vote is worse than no vote. It's what put our current president in office, and as a result quite a few people have died. Pick up a newspaper and read about that nice looking candidate. Hell, even the internet can provide some information about these folks. But you won't find what you need in the TV listings. This is not a new show that you can tune out of with no consequence. Yes, John Edwards has withstood quite a lot of heartache in his life, and may be in for more. He has a very courageous wife. He has GREAT hair. Do you know where he stands on immigration?

No? Skip this round.

There'll be another soon enough, and you'll know more by then.

Remember, every vote counts(hopefully). Make it an informed one.

Thank you.
Bob Staake January 7, 2008
dale: when i look at your stuff the first word that comes to my mind is "ambitious". it's really quite impressive -- that obvious amount of work you put into each of your illustrations -- and every last detail. when i do multi-character illustrations (after forgetting to turn down an assignment like that), i find that i just dread doing the thing. you, on the other hand, exude an amazing enthusiasm in this kind of work -- and that's a great credit to your obvious committment to your craft. you're CRAZY, of course, for taking on pieces like this -- but still, your drive and ambition doesn't go unnoticed by lazy illustrator slobs like me. okay, maybe goldin, too. ps: in the old days, i used to call these "crime and punishment" assignments of "blood, sweat and tears" jobs. YOU may have coined a new term; the "crime, punishment, blood, sweat and tears assignment"
daveB January 7, 2008
what? mccain has no teeth?
Brian Stauffer January 7, 2008
I'm with you bob, he's a friggin loon. It takes something I do not have to put that kind of image together.
Dale Stephanos January 7, 2008
Pff..Listen to you guys. Bob Sureicandoa32pagepictureinaweek Staake, and Brian Imonlydoing57jobsthisweekhowamigoingtopayforthebentley Stauffer. Compared to you guys I am the very picture of reserve. Oh, and Dave, MCain has teeth, he's just lending them to Rudy.
David Ramshaw January 7, 2008
W Tufts January 8, 2008
Any finer would require a cam, & much imagination experience in Photoshop. How can one be so gifted? Ron Paul & U are amazing us out here!
randy enos January 8, 2008
YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT DALE. We've got to look beyond the superficial aspects of these candidates. We've got to realize that they are all backed by the monied interests that run our lives here in America. They, the candidates, are just the up front PR people for the billionnaires that pull the strings and call the shots. It doesn't really matter whether Obama or Clinton or McCain or Huckabee win the election.....behind the scenes are the SAME controllers who have them in their pockets. Years ago...another woman ran for President (Hillary isn't the first)...and I voted for her.....and she was black....and the big money didn't have her. Needless to say, she didn't stand a chance. Maybe we shouldn't bother voting. It must be amusing to the powers that be to see us running around acting so silly and gushing over this one and that one. You don't really really think they would let us have a truly honest election do you? If you might as well join the ones that think Obama is terribly handsome and are moved by Hillary's tears.
Doug Hoch February 14, 2008
Whos the chick in this painting, she running for something?
Gary Cognetto February 19, 2008
Why do you always use the burnt umber for the mid tones I would use something more like a bengal rose or I would refer to some real artists paintings, well not to hurt your feeling but artists who do art naturally. Is this your own line of paint by numbers? If so please let me know where I can buy them they are fairly detailed and I'll bet your pulling in some bling bling from this form of art. warm regards Supah G