Artists Against the War
posted: January 5, 2008
Dead Tie...
Here's my piece for the Artists Against the War show that Steve Brodner has put together. David Flaherty said on his blog that it's such an enormous subject that boiling it all down to one image that sums up how you feel is daunting. I agree. I feel very conflicted about this conflict and I find that I'm against myself half the time, and the rest of the time I’m just plain wrong. Don't even ask how the inner dialogue sounds - it ain’t pretty. Suffice it to say that there have been some real room clearing brawls up in that melon of mine. I care though, if that counts.

After batting around many ideas, I finally settled on the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) approach. I kept asking myself, " How can I hang the deaths of these soldiers, who Bush professes to support, around his neck?" I posted an earlier stab at this a while back, but this is the version that ended up in the show.

I’m also including a peek at some failed attempts to try to get at what I was trying to say. I still don’t feel that the image I settled on sums up my feelings as much as it illustrates one aspect of how I feel about this mess.

I hope to see many of you at the opening.
I reverted back to the editorial cartoonist in me, which is really my default setting. I wanted something with a more elegant solution. This felt like a sledgehammer. Or a cleaver....
Does the world need another Napolean picture? No. Not from me it doesn't....
Steve Brodner January 5, 2008
Dale: Hope you saw your piece in Time Out NY. Sorry, The Butcher is just as great. Glad I didn't have to choose. Congrats, sir.
Tim O\'Brien January 6, 2008
Yea, Dale, full page illo (and no pay!) Congrats.
Dale Stephanos January 6, 2008
Steve, Tim, thanks. I'll try to find that when I'm in the big city.
Mark P January 6, 2008
Dale- They're all awesome. Your main entry is the most subtle and best. I'm amazed at how well you nailed the Bush-Bin-Ladin, though. Really cool.
David Flaherty January 6, 2008
I think your Osama bin bush is pretty good. Like the image up top too dale.
Bob Staake January 7, 2008
dale, that busher (er, um, "butcher") is damn ambitious! great character design on that little bugger!
Robert Saunders January 7, 2008
That Napoleon Bush is my favorite thing you've ever done, whether the world needs another Napoleon or not.
Dale Stephanos January 7, 2008
Mark, David, thanks. Osama Bush Laden felt a little gratuitous, but you probably can't go too far with this subject. Bob, I have to admit that the Bushter is closer to my heart, but I'm trying to grow up for some reason. Probably a bad idea. Growing up, that is. Robert, thanks. It was your encouragement on that sketch that kept it alive.
Doug Hoch February 14, 2008
Now this is the Dale stuff I know. I would've had George vomiting out pea soup onto Iraq, pea soup representing pea soup.