Gone Baby Gone
posted: January 2, 2008
Top: Pavorotti, Evel Knievel
Middle: Norman Mailer, Beverly Sills, Robert Goulet
Bottom: Kurt Vonnegut, Anna Nicole Smith, Ike Turner....
2007 ended in an avalanche of work which was based in one of two categories: People who annoyed us, or people who died. At one point I was about to suggest that someone should do an article on people who annoy who should die, but I realized that was a very un-holidayesque idea and just kept my mouth shut.

This was done for one of my favorite art directors, Michael Hogue at the Dallas Morning News. In case it’s not obvious, this is an obit piece for entertainers who won’t be down for breakfast in 2008. Not all of these cats had shuffled offstage when I started,  and I tried to resist the urge to wish someone to death simply because they’re fun draw.
David Goldin January 2, 2008
You forgot Mr. Whipple..."Please don't squeeze the Charmin".
Bob Staake January 2, 2008
dale, pay no attention to goldin. the actual buzz slogan was 'please don't squeeze the robert goulet', but i see you've got him covered here. NICE piece! now, had you just placed pavarotti on the left, sills on the right, and evel in the middle, it would have appeared he was being shot out of the mouth of a tenor and into the pie hole of a diva which, of course, would have added incredible entertainment value in your illo. next time, okay?
Dale Stephanos January 2, 2008
David, the good news is that we can now squeeze to our heart's content. But I'm afraid that now that the chance of the wrath of Whipple is gone, so is the thrill. Bob, you have a dark gift.
Randy Jones January 2, 2008
I just heard that when Elvis shot the television set, Robert Goulet was on it. That wasn't nice.
David Flaherty January 2, 2008
Nice Job Dale, did they not want a portrait of Evil or did you think the man on the bike would be the way to go? (well clearly you must have)
Harry Campbell January 3, 2008
Dale, Beautiful work. Ike's jacket just sings, that likeness alone is gold. I was reading through the NYT Magazine the other night, end of year issue when they list many notables who passed away. The most interesting to me was lady Campbell who was once married to Norman Mailer and had supposedly slept with Kennedy(did) and Castro (probably not) and Kruschev (not). Of course she is a Campbell and her grandfather's name was Ian Campbell (my son's name) Duke of Argyll, something like that. Always sort of mystified by death and how people who lived such incredibly full and interesting licves are gone in a blink and just added to yet another year end list. Nice work-bravo. PS-starting off the year with a brand new Madone, too pretty to ride.
Dale Stephanos January 3, 2008
Hmmm... I notice that Mr. Flaherty has retracted an offer of a 12 pack bearing my name over night. That;s okay, it's the thought that counts. Harry, thanks for the kind words. I agree about death. I can't get my head around it, but I'll have to eventually. Congrats on the Madone. Get out there, it's still over 10 degrees!
Tim O\'Brien January 3, 2008
I used to get pitched these multiple image things and could never do them due to the time involved. Kudos for such a fine job.
Doug Hoch February 14, 2008
Nice, speechless on this one