Snowball piggyback
posted: December 13, 2007
The summer studio is closed for the season....
Mid-December, Christmas lights, and the first big snowstorm of the year. It's beautiful, and it makes me feel like a kid again. Would I be a bad father if I took the kids out sledding and then gave them a good lesson in how to pick off cars with snowballs?
This seems like yesterday....
Me and Bella getting some lunch....
Harry Campbell December 13, 2007
Hey Dale, Man do I have memories of beaning cars with snowballs and the exhilaration and panic when the cars stopped and especially when the occupants gave chase. But, my dad didn't teach me those skills. Why don't you teach them how to hitch. This would be how you sneak up behind a car at a stop, latch onto their bumper and then go!! Just have to keep an eye out for black spots in the snow. On second thought, maybe you ought to stick to snow angels, igloos, tunnels, etc. I'm envious, wet here, upside, I'm going for 60 tomorrow. h
Richard Allen December 14, 2007
We were told by the people we bought our house off last year that in their 17 years living here it had never snowed once so I think the chances of us getting even a brief flurry are slim. The fact that we'll not be getting any makes me feel all the more wistful on seeing your snaps, Dale. Is that the ice holding your hair in place?
David Flaherty December 14, 2007
We used to bean cars as a kid. We had a snow fort to hide in if a car stopped and came after us. Then there was the dirt clods .....
Doug Hoch February 28, 2008
Growing up on a dairy farm in snow country, I was trained by whimp Walseman on the fine art of mixxing cow manure and snow to make $#@* balls. I didn't understand at first why. But once you launch one of these fine crafted turdballs and it hits the desired target of church goers in their sundays best, you suddenly realize you truly are a hick.