More Drawger Party
posted: November 19, 2007
After Public Enemy left the stage a bunch of rappers got up there. I think Rob Saunders was a little out of place, but it was fun to watch anyway....
I thought the 3 hour drive to NYC would be the hard part. Then another 3 hours between the Cross Bronx and the carefully hidden spot for the first (Annual?) Drawger Annual opening threatened to crack me. In the end, it was all worth it. I won't remember everything, or even most of it, but I'll have some scars I can tell lies about. Here are a couple of shots I took. If you couldn't make it this year, you missed something special. I think.

The drive home at 5 am was ugg-lee.
A karaoke match broke out and Jack White kept jumping in and hogging people's songs. Barry Blitt threw down and mayhem ensued, the room cleared, and feelings where hurt. The way all karaoke should end in my opinion....
HendrixFan November 21, 2007
Nice photo Dale. Jack looks like he is about to get crowned by a nerd with a broiling pan. Did Jack play anything good besides just singing Karaoke?
barry blitt November 21, 2007
A nerd?!? Do you have any idea what that haircut cost me?
HandrixFan November 22, 2007
HA! Barry I hope you are not offended. Your hair is fabulous. I was just defending the great Jack White from broiling pans. I use the "nerd" word as I sit here in blue polyester shorts, black socks, and dress shoes. Still it's a great photo. Sorry about that Barry. I'll let you get even with a free shot using the bakeware of your choice. Happy Thanksgiving!