Red Sox Win!
posted: October 29, 2007
So the Red Sox won the World Series last night, sweeping the Colorado Whattayacallits in 4 games. When the Sox won the series in '04 it was like the lancing of a black festering boil that had taken over the region over 86 years. People had been born, lived long lives, and died without ever seeing their beloved Red Sox win a World Series. The way it is now, my kids have seen 2 series victories in their short lives. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but it's not that 3000lb weight off of our collective shoulders.

This all got me in a "Careful what you wish for" frame of mind when a friend sent me these photos. This poor(?) little guy chased down a porcupine, caught him, and got what was coming to him. Now, am I saying that sports fans deserve a mouthful of quills? Well, many do, yes indeed. But many don't. I guess my point is that the chase is often just as, if not more, rewarding than the catch. You can insert whatever equivalent platitude suits you here. My main point is damn, winning can really hurt the next day.

Go Pats!
Stephen Kroninger October 29, 2007
"Becoming is superior to being"----Jackson Pollack
David Flaherty October 29, 2007
Dale, this post alone is going to send Drawger ratings through the roof. Poor guy.
daveB October 29, 2007
spuds McKenzie got jacked! congrats to the beantownies...personally I couldn't stand to watch 2 innings of this years world series - but I hear some folks got free furniture on account of it
Adam McCauley October 29, 2007
Oh man, that poor dog. Unbelievable photos.
Leo Espinosa October 29, 2007
What hurts is to be a Bull Terrier and be forced to wear a purple leash with color paw prints; this guy was aiming for suicide, I'm telling you. Dale, my wish would be if I can see a better celebration after the game. The champagne showers in a plastic covered locker room is sooo cheesy. After a soccer world cup (sorry to compare), teams shake hands and receive their trophy and medals on a podium on the field, so the fans that went to the game get the chance to celebrate with their teams too (the one that loses actually receives a medal for second place). It looks grand and somehow -although is soccer- more civilized. PS: What are Pats? ;-)
Dale Stephanos October 29, 2007
Ha! You're right Leo, the teams should go stand on the field together and congratulate each other on a hard fought battle. But you have to admit, soccer fans have it all over US sports fans when it comes to moronic acts of celebration. We are trying to catch up though. When the Sox took it last night, I suggested to the kids that we go out and light some fires and overturn a few cars in celebration. They passed. Maybe next year.
Brian Stauffer October 29, 2007
yep, what we need to do is burn down a stadium and beat the hell out of innocent bystanders. Read "Among The Thugs", a brilliant inside look at the behaivior of drunken soccer fans. it's a classic.
Leo Espinosa October 29, 2007
You're right. Hooligans aren't famous for their high IQ and they should be "porcupinezed". Still, being at a soccer stadium at the end of a championship is something hard to describe.
Rob Dunlavey October 30, 2007
The celebrations in network sports are annoyingly predictable. From Little League to the Big Leagues there'll be a mob on the pitcher's mound. No offense Dale, but I have to grit my teeth when I watch any sports on Fox. They cover every angle, and then some. Anything to keep the ratings meter anemically spinning. We're like those germ-resistant bugs and harder and bigger doses are needed to get the needle to move. Apparently, outside of Boston, Fox World Series ratings were not so good this year. Was that because: --it was boring and badly produced TV? --not an exciting (ie: lop-sided) sports match-up? Hey don't forget to go to Taco Bell today for your free taco. I think I'll pass. And this is news!?
HendrixFan October 30, 2007
Hey Dale, That's a great photo. A real treasure for dog lovers. I don't know if I feel bad for the dog because of the quills or for being photographed with the owners comical pants and shoes. Regarding the previous comment about Fox news outside of Boston..who cares? Fox in Boston did a great job. My wife, son, and I didn't miss a moment. Taco Bell....I am not allowed to eat tacos or burritos.
Dale Stephanos October 30, 2007
I just wish that the drunken a-holes at US sporting events had a cool name like "hooligan". Rob, I can't fairly address your concerns. While I agree that network tv in general and sports coverage in particular is not a highbrow affair, I'd just say check out the audience. For whatever reason there are vast numbers of americans who eat that stuff up. Even the tacos, which I must say, I like, in a "if I absolutely must eat garbage" kind of way. I understand why you feel as you do, but I also know many of the people who are working their asses off, doing 80-90 weeks to bring you the coverage you don't like, and I appreciate it in a way that I wouldn't expect the average Joe on the street to be able to. I've always been a fan of watching the Pats with the sound turned down and the radio coverage of the game on. Hendrix Fan, you threw me. I thought I knew who you where/are, but I guess not. That's okay. Uh, if you're not going to eat your taco can I have it?
HendrixFan November 1, 2007
Hey Dale, You want the Taco? You can have it. The Burrito too. You don't want to be around me if I eat those things.