Society of Illustrators entries
posted: September 26, 2007
See any winners?...
I'm taking an hour or so from actual work to make my annual donation to the Society of Illustrators in the form of entries for the Annual. I'm getting better about throwing the obvious losers out and I've narrowed it down to only a few pieces. I've been in the show a few times, but more often than not, I get shut out. I'm hoping this year's jury is good and drunk by the time they get to my work so that I can get some work into the show and not feel like a tool for hanging out at the opening in February without having some art hanging on the walls.

By the way, we should all just enter a piece under Staake's name so it looks like he cares about this sort of thing.
Alex Murawski September 26, 2007
I think they should have a catagory for developmental sketches. Your pencil stuff would rule, I suspect... .OK enough ass kissing for one day. Off to work!
Peter Cusack September 26, 2007
I bet Tony and Sean are a sure thing. Good luck to us all.
Adam McCauley September 26, 2007
Dale, I think you're going to clean up. There's some super work in that pile.
Leo Espinosa September 26, 2007
Go Kanye go! (My fav of all)
David Flaherty September 26, 2007
ditto leo
daveB September 26, 2007
kanye gets in you'll have to buy ketrina H. some flowers
Dale Stephanos September 27, 2007
Yes, good luck to everyone, and thanks for the encouraging words.
Tim O\'Brien September 27, 2007
Good luck to you and everyone. You all do great work.
laura l. September 27, 2007
Yikes! Thanks for the reminder, Dale!
Edel Rodriguez September 27, 2007
Dale, I'm always late submitting stuff. They've extended the deadline to Oct. 19th, fyi. Good luck man! Don't see the spray spritz piece, that's a sure winner!
Zimm September 27, 2007
I hear the Society has a new way to accept art and even judge it online. Could be cool... Kanye is a winner, I agree.
Tim O\'Brien September 27, 2007
not quite yet Zimmster. YOu work is to benefit the Student Competition first. Eventually submitting online will extend itself to the Annual show; but not this year.
Adam McCauley September 27, 2007
This is sort of sad news, Tim. As much as it makes sense to do it online, it's a cool thing to bring people together (physically) for the judging, even if they have to pay their own way to do so.
Tim O\'Brien September 27, 2007
NO NO NO Adam, there is no way juries will vote without meeting in New york in person. This is something I repeat at EVERY meeting when it is discussed. I feel as you do that getting together and voting is part of the continuum of the Annual Show and provides everyone a memorable experience. Zimm created a portal for schools to enter their student's work online rather than shooting an submitting slides. It may be that soon you can enter the annual show in a similar fashion but ideally people will look over tear sheets.
laura l. September 27, 2007
I just finished judging the Alternate Pick illustration competition, and it was the first time I've judged online. I certainly liked the flexibility of being able to judge on my own time, take breaks, etc. But I have to say the SI judging experience was wonderful in that I got to meet other illustrators and art directors, eat with them, and really feel part of the tradition of the place. Online judging is very solitary, although I can see its appeal too. Zimm, for us forgetful ones, is there any place you might be able to keep a tiny reminder posted of important upcoming deadlines and events? (Such as AI, SI etc deadlines, and related parties/exhibits).
Adam McCauley September 27, 2007
Good to hear, Tim. I think the online entering is fantastic. AI and CA now do it, as well as 3x3, and it's generally a lot easier. As a matter of fact, I'll be entering considerably less work to SI this year because I don't have tearsheets (clients rarely send them anymore w/o asking) and printing out w/color accuracy is expensive and extremely time consuming, with mixed results.
Dale Stephanos September 27, 2007
I was wondering if they'd extend the deadline, thanks for the info Edel. That will give me a chance to enter my whole splatter ouvre. I think the online entry idea is the way to go. I'll bet it draws more entries because of the convenience.
John Dykes September 27, 2007
Dale - I too, usually set aside about an hour or two to get entries together - only to find myself still considering pieces about a week or two later.
Tim O\'Brien September 27, 2007
THe big debate is those who think it would be best to have juries vote from wherever they are and the folks that believe that juries should meet. I think they should meet. A side result of online submissions is WHAT and HOW people vote INstead of considering how an illustration is used, what it looks like in the context of the piece, people could be just sitting in the dark with a clicker, pounding away at the button at images they like. That would make for a LONG day of voting. IN the end things would have to be tabulated and then again, awards be given out based on viewing images on a screen. I don't know how THAT would work. I think not well.
cotest October 17, 2007
Contest suck