posted: August 6, 2007
Here's a Kanye West portrait I did for the Wall Street Journal's Pursuits section a few weeks ago. The Pursuits section uses a lot of illustration, and from what I read it's Rupert Murdoch's favorite part of the paper, so I'm hoping the good times will continue to roll for us over there.

Our own David Bamundo usually assigns art for this particular space, but I think he was off catching up on some much need sleep that week.
Richard Allen August 6, 2007
Nice balance between the faceted mark-making of the face (v sculptural) and the airbrushed torso. Dig it, Dale. Do you have any behind the scenes process stuff?
Howard Wright August 6, 2007
Bravo! Bravo! Great likeness.
laura l. August 6, 2007
Nice one Dale! And I'm digging all that pink.
Leo Espinosa August 6, 2007
Killer piece, Dale!
J.D. King August 6, 2007
One of your best!
daveB August 6, 2007
real men wear pink as kanye proved in your portrait and I proved today. this was my favorite portrait of yours, dale. It seems to capture that kanye is a sweet guy underneath the rap bravado.
Brian Stauffer August 6, 2007
I have to say this is one my favorites of yours. Just an extremely strong presence.
Robert Saunders August 6, 2007
That's a pink for the ages, Dale. Nice seeing ya and the brood last week.
Cusack August 6, 2007
Holy Cannoli!! Dale this is a knock out piece. Let me know when it comes out! I'd like to pick up the paper. JEEZ!
John Dykes August 6, 2007
Super, Dale... Love the pinks! Great body english....
Tim O'Brien August 7, 2007
Good one Dale. I like the hip, off-center stance contrasted against his pink.
turcios August 7, 2007
fantŠstico tus retratos! un abrazo
Dale Stephanos August 7, 2007
Thanks everyone for the kind words. I liked the pink as well, but I knew it would be printed in shades of grey. I try to take something away from each piece. I think with this one I learned to be a little tighter with the values on the face, and to be a little more flamboyant than I would usually be with the clothing color. Maybe flamboyant is the wrong word, but hey, I got a right!
Kanye West August 7, 2007
Schweet! Dale, I"m gonna kick your ass for this... naah, very cool.
Hal Mayforth August 7, 2007
A stunner, Dale!
Mike Moran August 7, 2007
This is really something else. Powerful pink. Now off to find my Psychedelic Furs record!
Randall Enos August 8, 2007
Love it!