Information Week
posted: June 25, 2007
The Good, The Bad, The Filthy @#%!!! Rich!!...
I did this cover for Information Week. The AD was Mary Ellen Forte and Michael Gigante. I like working for them because it seems as though they trust me to do a good job, which makes me want to impress them.

For this, a story on how Bill Gates is a ruthless businessman AND one of the most generous philanthropists in the world, Michael suggested that we try to communicate some movement into the piece, like Gates was smiling at us and suddenly turned his head to show us his other side.

I took some pictures of myself turning my head so I could see what the blurred motion would look like and then gave it my best shot. I like how it came out. I'm glad it wasn't what I started, which was similar to that Time magazine George Bush(Sr.) man of the year cover many years ago.
daveB June 25, 2007
nice piece! I did some steady spots for computer pubs back in the day and I cant tell you how many times I drew Gates and it was ALWAYS with the sweater over oxford combo as you've depicted here!
Carl Wiens June 25, 2007
I saw Gates with both those looks on his face when Jon Stewart interviewed him on the Daily Show!
David Flaherty June 25, 2007
In a weird way this echo's Tims Al Gore post but you have the happy and sad in one image! Money, who needs it! ... me.