Tough Guys
posted: June 12, 2007
There's a train of thought that says we are attracted to our opposites. That must be true because if you crack open any of my sketchbooks you'll find that they're full of Tough Guys. Like this one here, Yvon Chouinard.

Yvon is the founder of Patagonia clothing. He started out as a hard core mountaineer, surviving on whatever equipment he could sell out of the trunk of his car. Today, Patagonia is a huge Fortune 500 company.

I'm not sure why I like drawing Tough Guys. Maybe it's because I'm lazy and it comes easily to me. Maybe because it gives me a chance to show whatever humble ability I have in a showoffy way without actually showing off.

But it's probably because I'm not really a Tough Guy, and it's a chance for me to climb into their skin for a few minutes like a Halloween costume. When I close the sketchbook I'm Peter Parker again, or worse, whoever Aqua Man's alter ego is.

I used a photo from Outside mag for reference. The photog is Jim Herrington. Thanks Jim.
Steve Brodner June 12, 2007
Damned beautiful drawing Dale.
Richard Allen June 13, 2007
Like the new banner, Dale- you're a very self-deprecating guy. Interesting, craggy subject to your sketch. Well executed too, though varying the weight of mark might've given more solidity to the whole form- I want it more gestural and bold to make it look like Yvon (he's packing a hammer- I'm not going to be the one to tell him he's got a girl's name) was hewn from Mt Rushmore!
Zina Saunders June 13, 2007
Lovely drawing, Dale. It's funny how much our personal perspective determines how we interpret people...I think he looks like a sweetheart!
Rob Dunlavey June 13, 2007
Chouinard is amazing. Nice drawing.
Hal Mayforth June 13, 2007
Beautiful drawing, Dale. It's interesting to see what the founder of Patagonia looks like. I always thought the company was most comprised of svelte young people with heathly tans doing things in the far corners of the world that I wished I could be doing.
Mark Penta June 13, 2007
That drawing is really pleasing to the eye Dale. I think it's because of the good old fashioned "shading" underneath those clean lines. Nuthin' like a drawing. I'd love to see you continue in this 'sketchbook' direction because I really like the roughness of your drawings...What if you somehow combined your sketchbook style with...I dunno....slick computer washes, or collages, underneath...or somethin'. Throw the kitchen sink on there. Push it! Always inspiring...
Walter Vasconcelos June 13, 2007
Great drawing Dale!
Dale Stephanos June 13, 2007
Thanks everyone for the kind words. I really appreciate it. This kind of thing is more elaborate doodling while I'm on the phone than a conscious attempt to make something pretty. My pencil tends to make it's way towards this kind of thing.
Peter Cusack June 13, 2007
AHHHHHH! thats just killer!
Edel Rodriguez June 13, 2007
Very good drawing Dale. Great shapes and shading on the face.
Overton Loyd June 14, 2007
Very strong.
doug hoch June 16, 2007