Cape Invasion
posted: May 29, 2007
Mark Penta...
My buddy Mark Penta just had his first book published. It's called "Cape Cod Invasion".

He had his first book signing this past weekend in Falmouth and he has a whole book signing tour scheduled for the summer. I could be wrong, but I think each stop happens to be near a bikini store. Smart guy.

The book consists of beautifully rendered scenes of Cape Cod destinations...with UFO's in the background. But there's a catch. You'll have to buy the book to find out what it is.

I'm very happy for Mark. I met him somewhere around 1990 when we were both drawing caricatures of the touristas at Quincy Market in Boston. Mark always had a much better disposition for the dealings of public commerce than I did. He's a kind, gentle soul.

So if you're on the Cape this summer, buy the damn book, willya?
David Flaherty May 29, 2007
Does he like to wear bikini's dale? I'll keep an eye out for the book! ; )
Leo Espinosa May 29, 2007
Hey, I know the guy too! Congrats Mark!
Mark May 29, 2007
Thanks Dale! I believe Bob Staake is a member of this site, and I want to credit Bob's book "Orb of Chatham" as one of the key influences of my book. He's a genius, and while I've soaked in many creative influences in my life (Star Wars, Spielberg films, Van Allsburg's picture books, and of course, my summers on Cape Cod), Bob's book was one of the sparks that lit the fire for my idea for "Cape Cod Invasion!", which is about summer "tourists" "invading" the Cape every summer. I was also inspired by Martha Day Zschock's "Journey Around Cape Cod" series. If "Orb" and "Journey.." mated you'd get "Cape Cod Invasion!" Anyway, I truly want to thank Bob. I hope he considers "...Invasion!" a happy-go-lucky offspring of Orb...
Cusack May 29, 2007
Go Mark. I'll keep an eye out for the book.