posted: May 18, 2007
With a $400,000 "Performance Bonus" on the way before he leaves, Wolfie waves goodbye....
The thing I find most upsetting in the Paul Wolfowitz saga is that he has a girlfriend. I know that there's someone for everyone and I'm glad that the Wolf Man is gettin' some. But it's like when you were a kid and realized that your parents actually had sex. At least once. I picture Uncle Paulie with his mortician's demeanor putting the moves on and I have to go somewhere else in my mind. Somewhere more pleasant. Iraq, even.

Stashing your girlfriend(s) on the payroll is a time honored tradition in politics, but so is getting caught. The Wolfster is a two time loser in this administration, which probably puts him ahead.


I'll try to do this once in a while until Professor Brodner starts up the summer semester. Until then, don't mess with the substitute teacher.
Rob Dunlavey May 18, 2007
Dale: great eyes! Maybe you should have shown him committing certain indescretions with Iraq, The American people or the whole African continent! Man, I could sure use $400,000 right about now.
Bob Staake May 18, 2007
dale: don't even start me on "wolfie". THIS is the bastard who sat before congress and explained that our little regime change would cost $80 billion tops and that within a year everything would be funded by free-flowing iraqi oil. as far as war criminals, this bastard makes kissinger look like abbie hoffman. very nice drawing, of course, but i'd rather see him down on all fours with a salivating camel ready to commit barren desert perversion on his sorry ass. bs
Peter Hermann May 18, 2007
Love the drawing Dale. You really caught that rubber face. I will look forward to these, and just keep them coming after Steve returns, there can never be too much good work posted here.
Steve Brodner May 19, 2007
Dale: Nice sh*t eating grin. I can't forget the way he comes his hair in the Michael Moore movie. In some ways that's all you need to know about this whole gang. Keep 'em flying. Steve