Short Cuts
posted: April 24, 2007
The late Robert Altman, legendary film director....
I had the good fortune of getting a piece into American Illustration this year. The piece was unusual for me in that I normally get pretty anal in how "finished" a final is. My favorite part of the process (after the idea itself) is just plain old fashioned drawing. The spontaneity of a good sketch is hard to beat, and layers of paint won't make it any better, just more colorful. In my opinion anyway.

So I'll be trying out a fresh approach and we'll see if it works. It's fun to change it up sometimes.
Steve Brodner April 25, 2007
Dale: Congrats. Good instincts here. It's nice to feel the light and air move through this. Feels freer, more spontaneous, fresh from your hand. Let's see more! Steve
Peter Hermann April 25, 2007
I like it a lot. I don't prefer it to your other work, but it is also very strong, but in a different way. is this all digital or just the colors? I agree completely with the last sentence of your post.
Zina Saunders April 25, 2007
I'm liking this sketch look, too, Dale. As Steve said, they have a nice feeling of freshness.
David Flaherty April 25, 2007
Nice drawing Dale.
Dale Stephanos April 25, 2007
Thanks all. It definitely feels like hacking..bad word..uh, cutting my way through the wilderness, but it's fun.
Adam McCauley April 25, 2007
Nice piece Dale! Cutting through th wilderness is fun, and it leads to new and beautiful vistas. At least that's what Professor Nimbus told me once.
Peter Cusack April 25, 2007
This is an inspiring piece. And I agree with you thoughts on "the finish". This portrait feels fully realized and offers a beautiful hand drawn quality that like you said can't be beat. Outstanding!
Roberto Parada April 25, 2007
Congratulations Dale, Nice work, it's good to see an experiment succeed every now and then. Is this also done digitally?
Dale Stephanos April 25, 2007
It's a "real" pencil (CVS #2) sketch with a little photoshop shpritz of color as we like to say around here. Thanks for the encouragement everyone.
Jim Paillot April 25, 2007
Way to go, Dale. I can see why this piece got some attention. It has a fresh, slightly raw look that you have complimented perfectly with the spare color. Really nice.
Dale Stephanos April 25, 2007
Jim, thanks. I wasn't clear though it was different piece that got into AI and I'm just sort oof continuing in that vein with this. I appreciate the kind words though!
Stephen Kroninger April 25, 2007
Nice work, Dale, of a favorite director.
doug h May 1, 2007
Nice self portrait dude. Keep it up