Sox vs. Yanks
posted: April 21, 2007
There's no better place in the world than Fenway on a nice summer night....
There’s nothing like Fenway Park on a nice summer evening. After the weather we had this past week, the mid 70’s temperatures were like a gift. Almost as good a gift as a Red Sox vs. Yankees 3 game stand at Fenway.

My son Liam is turning 7 this week and he’s a Red Sox fanatic so I thought I’d get us both tickets to the Big Game. We had the honor of seeing a David Ortiz homer and watching Jeter strike out. But of course, best of all was the fine cuisine: Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy, Cracker Jacks, Peanuts, Ice Cream, soda and beer. (I only let Liam drink Bud Lite)

Sox won, 7-5.
Poor kid's father looks like E.T. Obviously Liam gets his good looks from his mother....
I sit behind this guy everywhere I go....
Good Eatin'....
Larry Ross April 21, 2007
Lucky you, Dale. And lucky, Liam! ...Oh, and lucky Red Sox. (The Yanks will be seeing them a few more times this year!) Love that picture of Fenway.
daveB April 22, 2007
kid will probably expect the Sox to win the series every year, just like many yankee fans that grew up in the mid 90s. whattadad!
Tim O'Brien April 22, 2007
Dale, what a sweet photo of you and your good looking son. He looks about my son's age. Best, Tim
Dale Stephanos April 22, 2007
Yeah, he thinks Big Pappi hits a home run every game and Dice K won the world series. Hey, I said the kid loved baseball, not that he actually knew anything about it. Tim, thanks, you know how it is. I love hangin' out with that kid!
Peter Cusack April 23, 2007
Great post. Great seats! And it looks like you guys had a great time.
Dale Stephanos April 23, 2007
SWEEP! (I know, it's April)
Harry Campbell April 23, 2007
Dale, The Sox took care of the Bombers in fine fashion despite Arod's homers the other night. How about those four homers in a row by the Sox. I must admit that I root for the Yanks when they play the Sox. I live in Baltimore now so of course I have to back the O's first, but still love the Yankees. People down here absolutely hate the Yankees, as they do in Boston. All three games over the weekend were great baseball. Hard to get hits against the double Japanese threat. hc
Dale Stephanos April 23, 2007
Just a view of how deep this rivalry runs around here. I was running in the '04 Boston Marathon and the Sox were playing the Yankees at Fenway that day. The route carries you right through Kenmore Square, which is on Fenway's doorstep. From the beginning of the marathon to the end of the game the spectators along the way were shouting out the score and the runners - the people suffering through 26.2 miles in 85 degree heat and humidity - were chanting "Yankees suck". To most people there, the game was more important than the event they had trained all winter for. The slogan on Mass plates is "The Bay State". It should be "Yankees suck" because that's our motto. I should note that I'm not a Yankees hater. It's a fun rivalry that makes a tedious game a little more interesting.
John Dykes April 23, 2007
Dale - Looks like a great time... And I thought that guy only parked in front of me....
doug h May 1, 2007
Sittin behind that guy must remind you of riding mountain bikes behind me.