Mob Tie
posted: April 11, 2007
This is something that got whacked early in life, but I decided to give it another chance at life and use it as a postcard. If it doesn't go out there and earn, I'll give it two in the hat and you'll never see it again.

I'm not one of those "It's not as good as it used to be" Sopranos viewers. I think the heart of the show lies in Tony's hopeless attempts at growth. For me, the mob hit scenes are okay, but not as memorable as the subtle elements of family, work, and the intersection of the two.

Anyway, the end is near.
sterling hundley April 11, 2007
hey dale, very nice piece. are you working all digital on the finals these days? seamless- i never would have known had i not seen the studio shots. i heard rockwell used to hide his projector when illustrators would visit? don't know if this is true or not. s.
Peter Cusack April 11, 2007
Holy moley! That's awesome. What a great concept too. Blown away!
Alex Murawski April 11, 2007
What a handsome piece of work. Now that's a five-o-clock shadow. Really like the subtle treatment of Tony's expression.
daveB April 11, 2007
big fan of the Sopranos here! enjoyed this weeks episode where we once again see Tony's dark side (to put it mildly) Here, Dale, I think you nailed a great concept and Tony is spot on - Most of the other characters look great as well, though IMHO, the likenesses on the Soprano women are a little off esp. sister Janice (hard to pull off without her gap toothed crazy smile, I suppose) sorry for the Art Director speak, but I sez it wit love.
David Flaherty April 11, 2007
My only slight complaint is his sister in the pocket kerchief. I just would have liked all the people in the tie. I like the tie idea.
Carl Wiens April 11, 2007
There's a whole sort of geography in that nose and chin that you've staked out in this one!
Howard Wright April 11, 2007
Stunning! I can almost picture the black eye on him, from the last episode! The great detail and care with his hand is worth a mention too!
Tim O'Brien April 11, 2007
Nice one Dale.
Scott Bakal April 11, 2007
I have never seen a single episode of the Sopranos but a very nice illo, Dale! :o)
Dale Stephanos April 11, 2007
Thanks for all the positive feedback. Sterling, I don't work digitally at all. All those screens and stuff are just to watch Battlestar Galactica. Actually, the opposite is true. I just keep that dusty old easel out so that if someone stumbles in here by accident they'll think there's an artist somewhere around. Peter, thanks. That's pretty much my reaction when I look at your work. Alex, thanks as well. I added a bit more 5 o'clock to Tony because he's not quite tough looking enough;) DaveB, I actually like the women, it's Sil that I'm a little iffy about. You can only beat something to death for so long though. Dr Flaherty, thanks. Janice is up there in the hanky more for compositional purposes than anything else. Carl, I agree. I could have just done Tony's face and it would have been jst as effective. Howard, thanks! I'm glad you found me over here. Tim, thanks. They have your Cigar Afficionado cover taped up to the door of the liquor store I go to in town (Not that much!). I probably see it more than I should. Scott, you've never seen an episode? What are you, out being cool and living life or something? I was the same way in the 80's. I was in bands and playing out most nights and I had never seen an episode of the Cosby show or Seinfeld until long after they went into syndication.
Zina Saunders April 12, 2007
I've never seen this show...but your illo makes me want to give it a try!
doug h May 1, 2007
Is this the illustration where they wanted a picture of a soprano singing and you thought they said Sopranos?