Classic Hits
posted: April 3, 2007
This is usually what September looks like in New England. ...
Roberto Parada's post inspired me to trot out this oldie. I painted this after the crushing Red Sox loss to the Yanks in the '03 playoffs.

I remember talking with my brother on the phone (he was at a bar, I was at home biting my nails into stumps) toward the end of the game. My brother was screaming that we'd won it, and it was all over, but I had a sinking feeling as Pedro Martinez started to  falter. As I remember it ( I'm no BB historian, so I could be wrong), they finally pulled Pedro, and Wakefield threw a meatball for Boone to homer off. Head in my hands, I slunk off my chair, muttering "Nonononononono" to an empty house.


I guess 2 good things came from that night. It brightened up a very dark time for Roberto, and I did this painting in reaction. I used this as a mailer and I'm still getting jobs from it. This one image has brought in more business than most of the advertising I've ever done.

I was on my way to doing a book about the inevitable failure of the Sox every fall, and wouldn't you know it, they turn around and win the World Series in the middle of my project. So now I'm changing all those "B"s on the caps to "C"s.
Carl Wiens April 3, 2007
Dale - that face looks oddly familiar. Anybody we know?
daveB April 3, 2007
check the legs for any trace of hair
Roberto Parada April 3, 2007
Dale, I agree with Carl that face looks familiar. I love your sense of humor about Red Sox's paranoia.
Carl Wiens April 3, 2007
Also like the hand-slap imprint on the red forehead
Dale Stephanos April 3, 2007
Oh, that's not me. I look like pretty much every white suburban guy around here. I just go out, snap a few photos and I have my reference. I did have to forehead-slap that one dude though. Thanks for the kind words.
Leo Espinosa April 4, 2007
the owwwwwww face at the bottom left corner is the one that makes me laugh. So BRX-Drawgers, when are we going to Fenway, who's buying the tickets and why so expensive?
Dale Stephanos April 4, 2007
I know a guy who knows a guy at Fenway. Let's have a show of hands. I'll see what I can do to arrange something.
Zina Saunders April 4, 2007
Each of these faces make me laugh. And wince, out of sympathy. I love the way you handled the hands on the guy in the lower right. Plus I really like the curve that the bill of the main character's hat creates with his head and neck and the shadow cast on his chest.