Scotch and Cigars?
posted: March 29, 2007
A lot of you have shown me your, so I'll show you mine.
David Flaherty March 30, 2007
You coming to SI dale?
Carl Wiens March 30, 2007
Thanks for the tour Dale - looks nice. I'd be more than happy to help you with that scotch!
Rob Dunlavey March 30, 2007
Now that's a REAL studio! Don't let Rob Saunders see your guitars.
A.Richard Allen March 30, 2007
You've refrained from mentioning your cock, Dale! Geeky Q: How big's that apple screen
Mark Fisher March 30, 2007
Dale, very nice, is the other chair for Chief Communications Officer Uhura?
Steve Wacksman March 30, 2007
I was going to make a 'cock' joke, too, but decided it'd be in poor taste. The ARA goes and does it and makes it look perfectly charming. How'd he do that? Must be the English accent..... Hey Dale, nice studio- thanks for the tour. Interesting to see that you, like just about every other Illustrator with an opposable thumb (myself included) play guitar. What's with that? Make mine a double- I'll pass on the cigar and pepper spray, thanks.
Dale Stephanos March 30, 2007
David, I planned on coming to SI tonight, but it's not going to happen. As for the rest of you, I practiced a very rare restraint when I decided to leave out the "Oh, that's my cock, everyone pets it when they come here" comment. Thanks for picking up the slack everyone. The other chair is were my kids obssessively play "Webkinz" or Club Penguin. We hang out a lot in here. Little jam sessions and fun with Garageband. A.R. - That's a 30 incher. The monitor, not the cock. I find that when you chase the pepper spray with the scotch then light up a cigar, you forget all about the stinging eyes because your heads on fire.
Roberto Parada March 30, 2007
Dale, Where's the paint Man? No painting clothes? The floors are clean enough to eat your dinner off of. Take pics of it after you've raised some hell. Let's see those disgarded beer cans baby!!!. Actually it's a really, really nice set up. It better be nice because for God's sake you got to live in the damn thing all day and night. What's going on with the easel? is that getting any use or has painting died? We share much of the same books in your library. Thanks for the preview. One day I'll get the courage to photograph my wretched setup. Snotrags from last June are still lying around.
Dale Stephanos March 30, 2007
Roberto, I make the kids clean up the beer cans before they head out to school in the morning. Hey, kids need to have chores, right? And yeah, you can eat off the floors. Over there by the amp I see some Cheeze-Its on the floor..there's plenty of food down there.
Robert Saunders March 30, 2007
What? No commentary on the guitars? You have a 12-string to inflict mortification upon your flesh, a rococco thing resembling an Ovation, and solid-body for the power chords, plus amp with foot-pedal array, and you disclose no info about the gearhead you are. Come on, fess up! J.D. and me are going to get you. Also maybe Waxman. And Sloan. Dunlavey's gonna join us later with his mbira to help pull your fingernails out. Oh, also, your studio is really cool. Thanks for the Ikea idea...that's good advice.
Jim Paillot March 30, 2007
Nice hide out, Dale. I am loving the hardwood floor and all of those art books.
John Dykes March 30, 2007
Looks very nice, Dale. In fact, it is so presentable and orderly, you could even, like, broadcast the nightly news right from that cool chair... I also like that cigar drawer...
Cathleen Toelke March 31, 2007
My studio looks so pathetically messy..... Beautiful, efficient space.
Diggity Von Kieser April 6, 2007
Hallo und guter Tag Dale, What a welcoming harbor to birth your phantasien... I look forward to visiting your space in the future.
Dale Stephanos April 6, 2007
DVK, I think I'm frightened.
doug hoch June 16, 2007
When I look at your studio I think of the one day my studio looked as neat as yours. I don't know how it could be done. Although having your studio in your house makes alot of difference. I had a reporter come over to my studio the other day and I made her stand on papers and empty wrappers and kick cans of various liquids out of the way. Theres like a small space on my work table big enough to put an 8x11 piece of paper. Oh to be so neat and precise.