Torturing kids is fun
posted: March 27, 2007
Just in case you didn't appreciate Steve Brodner's person of the day series, you will after this. I spend my mornings ricocheting between Howard Stern and NPR while catching up on important news in the papers and of course, Drawger. On Stern’s show, they’re excited about a website called, whose mission is to subvert the voting process on American Idol by, you guessed it, voting for the worst person there. The consensus “worst” by far this season is this poor kid Sanjaya. Each week he survives, he looks more shocked than anyone. He’s like a black hole when it comes to charisma and talent. I think what started out as a wonderful experience will turn into the defining ugly episode in his life. My heart goes out to him. American Idol is one of the few prime time shows that I’m comfortable watching with my children. After the initial audition period at least, where they routinely humiliate those self-delusional, attention seeking souls who just want some attention. But even at 6 and 9 years old, my kids recognize that Sanjaya should be put out of his misery and voted off. Last week, my daughter moaned “My GOD, what is America DOING”? Wait until she’s old enough to understand politics!
Cathleen Toelke March 27, 2007
If he would only project his voice as much as his smile--as you have aptly shown!-- he might have something. I think there are girls who like him, though. Excellent job, including the folded arms. On stage, he looks like he could be pushed over by a feather.
David Flaherty March 27, 2007
He sux. But I hear there are groups that try to vote a bad person in.
Steve Brodner March 27, 2007
Dale: Fun portrait. It's okay to expose them to radioactive stupidity sometimes. This show seems that mashed up with sado/masochism. If you have a DVD player, get Netflix and give them some of the good stuff. Classic comedies, cartoons, later, great films about what's indelible about the human experience. Good for them and for the world. ("Give it a rest Dad.", my daughter would say.) Steve
David Goldin March 27, 2007
His sister is hot!
daveB March 28, 2007
you clearly did this before his faux-hawk hairstyle last night - YIKES!!!! off off off off off Broadway is sca-reaming for this kid great likeness esp. in his over-smile
Randall Enos March 28, 2007
I am proud to say I have never watched American Idol so I have no idea what is going on here but it's a nice picture Dale. Don't be manipulated by the so-called reality of reality TV.
Dale Stephanos March 28, 2007
Cathleen, I think he has a future. Unfortunately, it's probably as the "Freak of the week" that we seem to have an appetite for. Steve, my daughter doesn't actually say "Give it a rest" but it's amazing what a 9 year old can communicate with a roll of the eyes. David, yeah, his sister's hot. Dave B, I kind of liked the faux hawk. There's a picture of me from the 80's with that hairstyle. Randy, good for you, practicing abstinence on this. I'd never watch it if not for my kids. You do get sucked in though.
daveBee March 30, 2007
you opened the door, dale - we need a "Dale in the 80's" gallery...