posted: May 21, 2015
Here's a fun job I did for Kory Kennedy at Revolver magazine. The distinguished subjects of this sophisticated portrait are Corey Taylor (Related to James? Perhaps.), who croons for the band Slipknot, and Randy Blythe, whose melodious musings can be heard with the band Lamb of God.
These gentlemen are, apparently, helping to PREPARE US FOR HELL by bursting forth with microphone melting sermons from down low. When I get to Hell I'll be sure to tell them you all said hello.
Rob Dunlavey May 21, 2015
Such fun! I'm ready.
Tim OBrien May 21, 2015
Good one Dale. Love the hot mic.
Victor Juhasz May 21, 2015
Great fun. The character on the left reminds me of some of the craziness I saw last night as I suffered through the latest Mad Max flick.
Richard Downs May 21, 2015
Hell Yes! That was kind of a bad joke but I bet the magazine loves this piece. Thumbs-up!
Harry May 21, 2015
Indeed. Hell yes! Nice work Dale
Nick Wright May 22, 2015
Dale! Nice painting, that hair on his arm is the real deal.
Joseph Barbaccia May 22, 2015
I really appreciate how you brought the hands forward for depth while preventing them from overpowering the image. Nice execution.
Jody Hewgill May 22, 2015
Great expressions: Dale you are the perfect illustrator for this assignment.
David Flaherty May 27, 2015