Communication Arts Illustration Annual
posted: April 26, 2012

I was fortunate to have a couple of pieces accepted into this year's CA Illustration Annual. This one above is a portrait of Ted Hoff, who invented the microprocesser in 1968, ushering us from a world of relative black and white to one of maybe too many colors. Steve Sauer of Network World had me create about 10 portraits of these "Fathers Of...". I was pretty blown away at the idea that the creators of the networked worlds that we live in and around are for the most part anonymous.

This one was for aTim Luddy at Mother Jones. The story was about Washington fat cats. For whatever reason, there are certain art directors for whom you reach a little deeper. Tim's at the top of that list.
I'm always grateful whenever I make it into any of these competitions. A huge thanks to those judges that liked my work enough to put it in the mix.
Tim OBrien April 26, 2012 the black and white
Mark Hammermeister April 26, 2012
Congratulations! I've seen the Mother Jones piece and it's excellent. I haven't seen the other before and that's just as great.
Joe Ciardiello April 26, 2012
I agree with Tim, that Hoff portrait is great. Congrats Dale.
Gérard DuBois April 26, 2012
Like tim said,the B&W one is really great.
Alex Nabaum April 26, 2012
Can't get enough of that Hoff portrait! Fantastic!
Steve Brodner April 26, 2012
Perfect Dale!
Douglas Fraser April 26, 2012
The black & white is looking great!
Edel Rodriguez April 26, 2012
nice images Dale, congrats! Would love to see some more the black and white work, nice mood.
Scott Bakal April 26, 2012
Congrats Brother! Loved seeing the work in CA!
Flaherty April 26, 2012
Dale, love the B&W image esp!
John Dykes April 26, 2012
Two of your finest, Dale!
Ellen Weinstein April 27, 2012
Great work, Dale. that black and white portrait is killer.
Marc April 27, 2012
Great work on both of these, Dale. I agree with the crowd on that B&W piece--it's a knockout.
Adam McCauley April 28, 2012
Congrats, Dale - both knock-outs, but love the Huff piece especially.
Victor Juhasz April 28, 2012
Congrats Dale. Well deserved.
Victor Juhasz April 28, 2012
Congrats Dale. Well deserved.
Richard Downs April 29, 2012
Nice work Dale, and Congrats! I hope that you make more B&W portraits, that piece sings!
Dale April 29, 2012
Wow, thanks everyone. Just looking at that list of names with such kind words is every bit as satisfying as getting into CA. When I see you all the first round is on me.
Noah Woods April 30, 2012
Fantastic, Dale. LOVEEE the Hoff! (and I don't mean David Hasselhoff).
fisher May 1, 2012
Hey I want some of that first round, the b&w is super, he has a Mike Nesmith look going on.
Roberto Parada May 1, 2012
Congrats Dale. I love the Hoff portrait as well.
Alan Witschonke May 2, 2012
Both portraits are great, but I'll be the lone dissenter in saying I prefer the color piece. I think you achieved a lot of drama with the lighting situation, whereas the b/w piece is not quite as powerful. But you might have been after a different mood for that one.
Dale May 3, 2012
Noah, Roberto, Mark, Thanks a bunch. Alan, good observations. The Hoff portrait is more of a straight biography and the color piece had more concept behind it of course.
Bob "Kooch" Coutu May 30, 2013
The first composition is great. You really captured the age with the tones of black & white here. The selective color on his microprocessor really draws the viewers attention to it as otherwise, it may not be noticed right away. Your use of lighting in the second composition is mind blowing. I found myself readjusting the scroll bar to try and see his face! The detail in the lips is awesome.... and the message behind him using the consttution to wipe his mouth is deafening. Again, I'm speachless on how incredible your work is.