posted: February 2, 2012

I was hanging off the back of what would be an 84 mile death march bike ride with my new master's cycling team when I thought I'd snap a photo to post on Facebook. Before I could get the camera up on the phone, an email from the New York Observer's art director, Laura Draper asserted itself , asking if I could do a cover. "Sounds like fun" I shot back, snapped the photo, and proceeded to hold on for dear life. This is how business is done in the 2010's.
The story is pretty universal these days: How can examples of old media hang on to relevance in today's blossoming, expanding media and cultural landscape. It's a topic that's often discussed in my house and after hundreds of hours of debate, I still have no clue. Anyway, the idea here is to have NBC's Brian Williams trying his best to fit in with New York's hipster crowd.
A side note. Does anyone really like Pabst Blue Ribbon? I mean come on, all irony aside, that stuff brings the taste of high school excess back to me in a room spinning wave of nerves that make me think I need to start cleaning up before my father gets home.
My office for the day....

Smitty February 2, 2012
PBR's are only good when consumed in a back alley at Government center in excess....
Dale February 2, 2012
Ah, the Swirlatorium. I stand corrected sir.
Leo Espinosa February 2, 2012
I still want a close-up of that PBR! And about your pic... man, double paceline and uniforms are serious business!
Victor Juhasz February 2, 2012
Great fun with B Williams. You've nailed him very well. He's got a great face for painting in smooth shapes. And you still got your extreme calorie burn in to boot.
John Dykes February 2, 2012
NiCe one Dale!
John Dykes February 2, 2012
NiCe one Dale!
Tim OBrien February 3, 2012
If you could only paint then on a ride. It's a matter of time. Roll on my friend. Good work. You seem to be a perfect fit for that publication.
Randy Jones February 5, 2012
You nailed Brian Williams. Frank a.k.a. Dennis Hopper , liked Pabst Blue Ribbon in David Lynch's Blue Velvet.
harry February 6, 2012
Love that, but I at least need to stop before shooting off a reply, you were probably 3 inches from the wheel in front of you. Nice piece, dead on, I think the anchor is irrelevant, can't remember the last time I "watched" the news, Daily Show excluded.