LA Bronze for SF Weekly
posted: January 10, 2012

I was happy to hear that Andrew Nilsen and I have snagged a bronze medal from the L.A. Society of Illustrators Illustration West for a cover I did for SF Weekly last spring. Thanks to SI LA and especially to Andrew.
Tim OBrien January 10, 2012
Powerful and funny cover, Dale.
Jim Paillot January 10, 2012
Of course you won a medal--- that cat is awesome! Way to go, Dale.
Bill Mayer January 10, 2012
Sweet, nice piece Dale!
Harry Campbell January 11, 2012
A lot of nice work in this piece! Congratulations Dale!
Christoph Hitz January 11, 2012
Very funny, congrats.
Dale January 11, 2012
Thanks guys.
Jody Hewgill January 11, 2012
Congratulations on the medal. This has to be the first purple cat I've ever seen.
Chris Buzelli January 21, 2012
Love that cat! Congrats Dale!