Mother Jones
posted: December 13, 2011

Tim Luddy from Mother Jones called last month in the nick of time. I was just finishing up a series of small, complicated illustrations that were taking on a guest who won’t leave position in the small pile of deadlines that were accumulating. Tim said that they were doing a story on Wall Street, the Occupy movement, and the idea of “Dark Money”. That phrase alone could launch an entire illustration show, and it gave me an idea for a short story that I’ve begun writing. My preference is always a simple strong image rather than a scattershot Cecile B. DeMille production, so this solution was a relief.
I just wish there was an oil paint smell filter you could add working digitally. Maybe a scratch and sniff option will be in future paper?...

Here are some ideas that were tossed around. The concept of course is the monied power class selling out America and Americans.
The old rich Fat Cat toying with Washington? Maybe.....nah....

A shady character "selling out" America? Looks more like he's a patriotic flasher. Nope....

I think Tim and I both kind of liked this. Well, I did. But Tim mentioned that they had already run a cover with some sort of life form taking a dump on the cover. And I did a Glenn Beck crapping on a full page last year. Tim in his wisdom decided to carefully step over this one. I still like the idea of putting money into that ugly piggy bank and only getting turds in return....

Almost there. This is meant as a Monopoly Man type of guy. I think the more disgusting version we settled on got the idea across without some of the distractions that this may have created, although this would have worked as well with the right lighting....

And after all this I circled back to my original doodle that I jotted down as I was speaking to Tim on the phone getting details about the assignment. Always go with your gut....

Bill Mayer December 13, 2011
Oh man I love,I mean LOVE this. WOW! What a great composition, I could just kiss those lips....Just so damn beautiful...
Stephen Kroninger December 13, 2011
Great work, Dale. Love the original phone doodle too!
Scott Bakal December 13, 2011
You've effectively made me want to punch your painting out! Great painting, man...great technique. (Crowd claps and cheers). It's this sort of work that I try to show my Digital Painting students on how to really get those fine realistic details digitally. Aces my friend.
Victor Juhasz December 13, 2011
Knock out painting. I thought for a second you were doing John Gotti's old attorney, Cutler. Great textures in the face.
Marc December 13, 2011
Nice work, Dale!
Douglas Fraser December 13, 2011
You've mastered the damn device! Yes, nicely done.
John Dykes December 13, 2011
Love it , Dale - I think I smell the oils!
Tim OBrien December 13, 2011
Congrats Dale, nice rendering and ideas.
harry December 14, 2011
Really nice Dale-those lips!
Dale December 15, 2011
Thanks everybody!
Robert Hunt December 15, 2011
Nice job Dale!
Tim J Luddy December 15, 2011
We could have used any of these illustrations, really; it was an embarrassment of riches and the only problem on our end was deciding which one got the slant of this particular story the best (we're in a really dark place these days!) I love being able to use a big, in-your-face face in the magazine (a tear for Robert Hunt's rejected-yet-awarded Jagger face; see his November 16th post.) And yes, the telephone sketch; you nailed it right there, even the lips! Thanks again, Dale!
Jody Hewgill December 19, 2011
A powerful piece Dale, very effective. The detail to those lips and the declaration/napkin is amazing. Nice sketches too.
Chris Buzelli December 20, 2011
Dale, this piece is really really good! Love how you used the shadow and light in this one.
Dale December 22, 2011
Tim, thanks. This is my favorite kind of thing to do- a simple, in your face, powerful image. Thanks for letting me do my thing. Jody, Chris, thanks a bunch. A pat on the back from a couple of my favorites is a great way to start the day..