Land's Ending - The New York Observer
posted: April 21, 2011

Ivy Simones checked in with me last week to see if I was available to do a cover for the New York Observer. I had just got back from a relaxing vacation in the Bahamas with the family and I think those red drinks I had every day at 3:00 pm helped me to forget the mountain of work I would return to. Not that that's a problem, it was kind of relaxing knowing I was going home to a full plate.  So in my haze, I said "Well of course I'm available" and quickly realized that maybe I wasn't. But now I was.
For me, there's a certain pressure to doing work for the Observer because some of my favorite artists have passed through that front page. I quickly realized that Chris Payne had done the previous week's issue - an incredible Glenn Beck as Citizen Kane. And then there are all those damn Drew Friedman covers, Victor Juhasz's brilliant works (a take on North by Northwest still drops my jaw every time I see it), and Phillip Burke's insurmountable genius every time his brush hits a canvas. I made the mistake of having a copy of The Kingdom of New York, a compendium of Observer greatest hits, by my desk just to put the fear of god into me as I worked.
The story is about how Land's End, the supposed inspiration for Daisy Buchanan's crib in The Great Gatsby, is about to be razed. It's fallen into disrepair and it's owner feels that it's beyond salvage and it's time to start over. So really, the main character here is the house in all it's shabby glory. I was given a list of bon vivants who donated brain cells in the pursuit of extravagant indulgance. Sounds like they knew how to have fun, but all parties must end.
Did I mention that Ivy was a pleasure to work with? Well she is.
DOMiNiC PHiLiBERT April 21, 2011
Nice Dale!
Victor Juhasz April 22, 2011
Damn, amigo. Flat out fantastic.
Harry Campbell April 22, 2011
Nice work Dale, the R&R did you well.
Tim OBrien April 22, 2011
Good stuff Dale. You fit right in that group. (the artists not the subject matter!)
David Flaherty April 23, 2011
Great Harpo Dale, I saw a news vid of them wrecking the mansion.
Jim Paillot April 24, 2011
Ha! Terrific! Well done, Dale.
Dale April 25, 2011
Thanks guys.
Leo Espinosa April 26, 2011
Madonna's arms, the champagne glasses, Harpo's expression, great details on this one, Dale. It makes a terrific cover.
Leo Espinosa April 26, 2011
Madonna's arms, the champagne glasses, Harpo's expression, great details on this one, Dale. It makes a terrific cover.
john cuneo April 26, 2011
That's a lot of info to get into an image- much potential for a high profile clusterfuck. Yet you managed to wrestle it all into a splendid illustration.
Jody Hewgill April 26, 2011
Fun!!! great portrait of Madonna.
Ellen Weinstein April 26, 2011
Fun cover, great portraits
Dale April 26, 2011
Leo, I probably shouldn't admit that Madonna's body is really just mine with a bit more up front. We share a veiny look. John, you're a master of the clusterfuck drawing. I mean that in the best way. Jody, Ellen, thanks!
Robert Saunders April 27, 2011
Great job Dale, that's an elite group you're in.