Seattle Weekly
posted: March 22, 2011

Here's the current cover of Seattle Weekly. It's a parody of last month's Rolling Stone cover featuring a heavily re-touched Snooki. I guess I unretoughed her. Or something. That's David Brooks on the back of the rocket trying to hang on. Poor David Brooks. Such a nice man.
I guess I'm counting on the good folks at Rolling Stone to have a good sense of humor. They must, seeing as how they put the Snook on the cover in the first place.
Thanks to art director Boo Davis for this.
Tim OBrien March 22, 2011
Part of what makes your work in this genre better than others that do it is your sense of humor. I laughed at this one. I saw Brooks doing tons of media recently about his book and he had no idea that you would put him on that rocket with Snookie. The price of fame I guess.
Victor Juhasz March 22, 2011
Dale, this is such a gas. I agree on the sense of humor. There's great charm here as well. Excellent Brooks and you've done a great retake on Snookie. Love the skin tones.
Leo Espinosa March 22, 2011
Yes, sense of humor AND great with details. Her round face and hands are sooo good!
Larry Ross March 22, 2011
Totally fun!!!
Robert Saunders March 22, 2011
Haha! Good one, Dale.
Harry March 23, 2011
Why do we prefer Snooki? And when I say we, I don't mean me. I've overheard so many conversations about the Jersey Shore. America's lowest social bench mark yet. Masterful work Dale.
Dale March 23, 2011
Thanks everyone. This confirms for me that you can take the boy out of Mad magazine, but you can't take the Mad magazine out of the boy. For the record, I've never seen Jersey Shore. I don't say that in a snobby, "I would never watch such trash" kind of way, I've just never had the pleasure (right word?).
John Dykes March 23, 2011
SUPER.... Love that Brooks portrait.