Scary Clown
posted: March 2, 2011

Judging by all the news I must have missed the announcement that it's Clown Week 2011. I hate being left out, so here's my contribution. Libya's Supreme Clown in Chief, Mowamaah (as we pronounce in the Boston area) Gaddafi (or however you spell it). Here's hoping he has the opportunity to become a sad clown very soon.
I've been trying to nudge my work towards a more traditional look as far as media is concerned. When I was painting I wanted no evidence of a hand in the creation. Now I'm doing backflips to get some brushwork to find it's way through the mess....

Victor Juhasz March 2, 2011
Fantastic piece. Elaborate please. Is this a digital painting? I'm a bit confused- why wouldn't you want to show evidence of a hand in the creation? Isn't brushwork the fun of it all?
Dale March 2, 2011
Hey Vic, thanks. I meant that when I was painting with brushes and tubes of paint I was always trying get the art as "finished" as possible- smoothing brushstrokes out, blending, etc so that any particular technique was hard to distinguish. To be honest, I never had the chops to do that successfully. Working digitally it's too easy to arrive at a finish that's sterile. For whatever reason I'm more comfortable leaving brushstrokes, evidence of underpainting, etc in a digital painting than I am a real life painting. maybe I just want credit for arriving at my destination under my own power instead of coming off like a button pusher.
Stephen Kroninger March 2, 2011
Gaddafi's name has been transliterated a number of ways into English and other Latin alphabet languages.The London England Standard provided this compendium of spellings. On the internet: 1) Muammar Qaddafi 2) Mo'ammar Gadhafi 3) Muammar Kaddafi 4) Muammar Qadhafi 5) Moammar El Kadhafi 6) Muammar Gadafi 7) Mu'ammar al-Qadafi 8) Moamer El Kazzafi 9) Moamar al-Gaddafi 10) Mu'ammar Al Qathafi 11) Muammar Al Qathafi 12) Mo'ammar el-Gadhafi 13) Moamar El Kadhafi 14) Muammar al-Qadhafi 15) Mu'ammar al-Qadhdhafi 16) Mu'ammar Qadafi 17) Moamar Gaddafi 18) Mu'ammar Qadhdhafi 19) Muammar Khaddafi 20) Muammar al-Khaddafi 21) Mu'amar al-Kadafi 22) Muammar Ghaddafy 23) Muammar Ghadafi 24) Muammar Ghaddafi 25) Muamar Kaddafi 26) Muammar Quathafi 27) Mohammer Q'udafi 28) Muammar Gheddafi 29) Muamar Al-Kaddafi 30) Moammar Khadafy 31) Moammar Qudhafi 32) Mu'ammar al-Qaddafi 33) Inter'l Herald Tribune Muammar el-Qaddafi 34) The Guardian Muammar Gadafy 35) The Times & the BBC Muammar Gaddafi 36) The Evening Standard Muammar Gadaffy 37) and finally the Libyan Embassy spelling Muamar Qadaffi And however one choses to spell it-----nice piece, Dale. You've captured the depravity behind the makeup beautifully.
David Flaherty March 2, 2011
I was wondering if the Clown thing was too much considering he's such a killer. I think it works. Nice one Dale.
fiedler March 2, 2011
Looks good dale! Totally fascinating phenomena though, I've heard it before.
Dave Wittekind March 2, 2011
Excellent piece! I love how the hair/hat is melded into one shape.
Tim OBrien March 3, 2011
However it's spelled, this one is a great piece. It looks powerful really small too and I've seen it as a thumbnail here and on Facebook. The green is a great color too. I have to remember that. Did you claim it? ;-)
John Dykes March 3, 2011
Nice work Dale - brushwork:yes!
Dale March 3, 2011
Stephen, thanks for all the spelling options. I wish we were friends in High School. I'd have done even less work. David, I thought about whether the clown thing was too silly considering the fact that Mo is such an evil guy. Then I thought about how this little picture would get me and probably my family a one way trip to the graveyard if I had done it in Libya. That made it an easy choice. I guess it's my way of flipping him off. Easy to do from the safety of our country, but still. Joey, Dave, John, thanks! Tim, I've sent that color green in to the US Copyright office. Let me know if you'd like to use it and I'll just send along our different price structures. I'm sure we can work something out.
Alex Nabaum March 3, 2011
Those eyes are too good!
Greg March 3, 2011
Aren't all clowns scary? Great painting. That lurid green background sets the mood perfectly.
Richard Downs March 3, 2011
Nice painting, Dale. You cut the *fuk lots of slack tho. *oops!
Douglas Fraser March 3, 2011
Lovely painting of a very unworthy subject.
Rob Dunlavey March 18, 2011
"Mo!" Love it. Let's call this guy Mo. Will someone get the hook!!