Women's Wear Daily.
posted: January 14, 2011

Women's Wear Daily's Nancy Butkus called earlier this week for an overnight cover. I've been banging my head against a wall trying to refine the story of a children's book I'm writing so I welcomed the 24 hour diversion. The subjects here are David Cary and Frank Benneck of Conde Nast. Time being short and a blizzard tearing it's way up the East Coast I was happy to accept Nancy's direction on the idea and just concentrate on making a good looking piece.
The blizzard hit almost the moment I hit send and we promptly lost power.
Thanks Nancy!
I resisted the almost overwhelming urge to smooth those brush strokes out. Stay away from the smudge tool!...

Tim OBrien January 15, 2011
Good to not blend the brushwork. In fact, the zoom in has some charm and I wonder what it would be like to use larger brushes and have more brushwork? Children's Book? Looking forward to that one.
Victor Juhasz January 15, 2011
Congrats. This looks great. Love the brushstroke quality. Keep that bravura technique.
Rob Dunlavey January 16, 2011
There's a lot of nice painting here Dale. Good luck with the children's book!
NIck Wright January 17, 2011
Dale- keep up the great work. Can you show a close up of the side of the chair??? looking forward to the children's book as well..... best. n
Alan Witschonke January 17, 2011
Seeing your work and knowing that it's digitally produced always amazes me. The close-up sheds some light on how you do it but it still seems as if the computer, in your hands, is as expressive as tubes of paint and sable brushes.
Harry Campbell January 17, 2011
Nice-I recall WWD when I was working in the garment industry in NY, think I found a job through there. Feeling ill just thinking about it, the garment industry being not great for artists. Anyway, I thought it was a black and white pub. Guess they went color.
Dale January 17, 2011
Thanks guys. The children's book should really be about wrestling bears because that's what the writing process feels like.
Gary Taxali January 18, 2011
Dude! It's so buttery, I love it. Great likeness and paint mixing, Dale. Really cool stuff, bro'.
Dale January 18, 2011
Thanks Gary. Butter makes everything taste better. Feta too.
Scott Bakal January 19, 2011
I laughed when I saw the title 'Women's Wear Daily' and then there is a picture of these two guys! Ha! Buttery is definitely the word for this. Nice job, man and I also want to see that children's book! Cool!
John Dykes January 24, 2011
Nice one, Dale... esp glasses dude.
Bob Row January 30, 2011
You, super-pro illustrators, are a strange kind. If you just happen to discover the beauty of letting the brushwork unsmoothed, let's try ArtRage3 at It cost cents compared to PS and there's no other appl capable of such true brush over canvas effect.