Big Bill Broonzy
posted: June 11, 2010
Just messing around with this strange stuff I found. I think they call it "Paint". It's messy....

Marc June 12, 2010
I'll admit to a bias in this direction to begin with, but this piece has an energy to it that would be great to see more of. Nice job.
David Flaherty June 12, 2010
Paint is good!
Tim OBrien June 12, 2010
My eye goes not to the face, but to the jacket, the edges. Nice piece. Who you kidding? You put in many years with that weird stuff. It's like riding a bike, right.
Brian Stauffer June 12, 2010
Dale, more.
Kyle T Webster June 12, 2010
Superb - please post more like this! It's all about the variation in edges for me. Love it.
Paul Rogers June 12, 2010
Drawger needs more Big Bill Broonzy!
Ellen Weinstein June 12, 2010
I love the combination of gesture and details. Really nice, Dale!!
Alyssa DeVille June 12, 2010
I've revisited drawger 4 times now just to stare at that hair. What Stauffer said - more please.
peter June 12, 2010
really nice!
Dale Stephanos June 12, 2010
Everyone, thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. I should have mentioned, I keep an A3 size Moleskine lying around on my desk. Whenever I'm on the phone I try to "doodle" out a painting . That's how this came about.
Victor Juhasz June 12, 2010
Absolutely terrific. Love the textures and brushwork.
laura l. June 13, 2010
Very nice indeed. Any photo reference you wish to credit?
Dale Stephanos June 13, 2010
Laura - Yes, but I'm not sure who the photog is. I have a pile of books filled with jazz and blues pictures and they all have such great faces that I frequently sketch from them while I'm on the phone of watching tv or whatever. To be honest when I'm doing that kind of thing I'm not taking notes on who shot the photo. That's no excuse for not giving credit where it's due though, so when I come across the photo I'll credit the artist. Do you know who it is?
laura l June 13, 2010
Nope, no idea....but a google images search would probably hold the answer - or the book itself?
Dale Stephanos June 13, 2010
Sylvia Pitcher Photo Archive.
Mark Fisher June 13, 2010
Nice. The rounded forms of the face contrast nicely with the angularity of the back of the head and suit & tie.
Leo Espinosa June 14, 2010
Put that stuff down, Dale, it sounds dangerous!
John Dykes June 14, 2010
Love it Dale....
Douglas Fraser June 14, 2010
Nice work. Keep the paint flowing.
Joe Ciardiello June 14, 2010
Nice painting Dale.
Shout June 14, 2010
Nancy Stahl June 14, 2010
Dale, I think I saw him blink. Really enjoying looking this over and over and over...
Zina Saunders June 14, 2010
Really nice, Dale.
Mike Moran June 14, 2010
Really nice job.
Roberto Parada June 15, 2010
I like that "paint" stuff. Well done Dale.
hanoch June 15, 2010
Really really great Dale!!
Dale Stephanos June 15, 2010
Thanks again everyone!
Drew Friedman June 16, 2010
Incredible. One of your best. Love that background.