iPad doodle
posted: May 11, 2010
I got an iPad a few weeks ago. It's a fun gadget, pretty much what you'd expect from Apple. Right now it feels like there aren't that many really useful apps, but I'm sure that within a few months there will be everything you could think of.

One great app that I've been messing around with is the iPad version of Sketchbook Pro. I use the Pogo Sketch stylus with it because drawing with my fingers is just too unwieldly. I find that you have to put something (I use a napkin) under the side of your palm, otherwise the screen registers it as a finger and you get unwanted straight lines. I don't think I'd use an iPad for a final, but for a sketch it's just dandy.
laura t. May 11, 2010
so cool!!! jealous!!! awesome sketch too of course :) look forward to seeing many more.
Tim OBrien May 11, 2010
If I can draw like that on the iPad, I need that Pogo stylus. Nice
john cuneo May 11, 2010
Pogo or no Pogo, that's a swell drawing Dale.
Ellen Weinstein May 11, 2010
Nice drawing, Dale!
Harry May 11, 2010
I want one-but I still won't be able to draw. Is there an Etch a Sketch app? I wouldn't be able to tell this was done on a tablet or screen-amazed.
Adam McCauley May 11, 2010
Wow, nice drawing Dale~! So does that app have sensitivity adjustments and whatnot? From what I can tell, this looks like a pencil drawing. Does this mean I'll get better at drawing if I buy an iPad?
Dale Stephanos May 11, 2010
Laura, Tim, John, Ellen, thanks. Harry, there IS an Etch a Sketch app. Adam, there is no screen sensitivity, but it is very reflective, so maybe that's screen empathy. You have to toggle the pen's opacity back and forth if you want a dynamic look to the drawing.
Victor Juhasz May 11, 2010
I really like the quality of the line that you get here. Have never used anything like what you're writing about here. Probably should. Does it take much time getting used to?
Alex Bain June 12, 2010
NICE work! What about the "Brushes" app? Is that not up to snuff?