Communication Arts Illustration Annual
posted: May 3, 2010
Here's a piece that made it over the wall into this year's Communication Arts Illustration Annual. It's always nice to be included in these things. Thanks to whoever voted for this. Considering all the huge talent out there I'm honored.
Oh, that's the late author John Updike.
Scott Bakal May 3, 2010
Congrats Dale! I saw it in there the other day.
Kyle T Webster May 3, 2010
Congratulations, Dale, and it certainly deserves to be in the book!
nwright May 3, 2010
saw it. love it. good stuff as usual.
Victor Juhasz May 3, 2010
Ellen Weinstein May 3, 2010
Congratulations, Dale!!
Brian Stauffer May 3, 2010
Harry May 3, 2010
You deserve it, really nice piece. BTW-I own your Heads for Haiti piece.
Douglas Fraser May 3, 2010
Lovely piece.
Joe Ciardiello May 3, 2010
Nice one Dale.
Tim OBrien May 3, 2010
Congrats Dale
Marcela Restrepo May 4, 2010
Congratulations, it's fantastic.
Dale Stephanos May 4, 2010
Hey thanks everyone. Harry, thanks! I'm afraid the refund period has passed.
Richard Downs May 4, 2010
Really fine piece Dale, congratulations.
Roberto Parada May 5, 2010
Dale, great news man. I think the CA jury picked one of your best portraits .