Holy S@*!t! <
posted: April 6, 2010
Not that the Pope is taking notes from me, but if you ever find yourself sheltering child rapists and giving them even more opportunities to ply their trade, then rest assured that you are a bad guy. You know, evil. I could go on and on, but I'll just let my little doodle do the talking and add that the Catholic Church (not it's followers) is as corrupt and evil an institution as there ever was. Thank you.
Douglas Fraser April 6, 2010
Now This is working! Creepy old guy with a huge soul sucking suppository on his head.
Kyle T Webster April 6, 2010
Great idea, Dale, and pretty scary!
Brian Stauffer April 6, 2010
Dale, don't mince words. If you have an opinion on the subject you should just come out with it.
laura t. April 6, 2010
very striking image, dale. i don't usually go much into politics so i won't, but i think the situation is more superstitious than it needs to be.
David Flaherty April 6, 2010
Tre' Creepy!
Victor Juhasz April 6, 2010
Yeah, Dale, just what are you really trying to get at here? Who did you do this for? It's fantastic. Or was it just done in an inspired moment? Amazing. One time the Church inspired artists to do endless renditions of the Madonna or scenes of the Crucifixion and Resurrection. Now, it inspires different imagery. Popes tend to look pretty hideous by the time they reach that pinnacle in their careers but this one takes the cake. The raccoon dark eyes and the fact that his cardinal name began with R-a-t should not be dismissed. A winner. Spread the love.
Leo Espinosa April 6, 2010
This one blew me away, Dale! It has all the evil ingredients PLUS a yucky sting of saliva. I believe it was David Bowie (not sure) who once said that the idea of killing another human being never crossed his mind until the day he became a father. I share the same feeling... down with all these monsters!
Yuko April 6, 2010
Holy s***. The biggest laugh of the day.
larryroibal April 6, 2010
I'm conflicted about this story. I'm going to Rome next month and I've been watching this story very carefully. I'd be very happy to see the church show this enabler the door, but if a papal enclave keeps me from seeing Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel I'll be pissed. Selfish, I know.
Adam McCauley April 6, 2010
Love this Dale!!
Tim OBrien April 6, 2010
Hard hitting
Richard Downs April 6, 2010
Dale, You're going to hell for that image. Kidding, just kidding, folks!. Reminds me a bit of Sinead O'Connor's Papal attack on SNL in 1992, remember that one?. I am sort of superstitious so I can only say that it is a well executed piece!.
Hal Mayforth April 7, 2010
On the money, Dale.
Dale Stephanos April 7, 2010
Thanks everyone. Victor, this was not for a client. I can't imagine this getting past an editor. I love your thought about the imagery the church used to inspire. Then again, that's the imagery that the church paid for isn't it. Larry, I understand your conflict, but ask yourself, if this were any other mutlimillion dollar enterprise and they harbored child rapists, shifting them around only to let them do it over and over, would you still be a customer? I hear you on the Sistine Chapel though. Thanks for commenting, you're always welcome here. Richard, you're roght. If there is a hell and it's as described by the Catholic Church then I'll probably end up there. On a "camping trip" with one of these @*#!! priests!
Brian Stauffer April 7, 2010
Don't sell editors short Dale. Cold-call folks on this one by submitting it to pubs that take risks. I'd start with The Nation.
Shout April 7, 2010
beautiful and brilliant!
Victor Juhasz April 7, 2010
I'm with Brian on this one. Try the NATION, MOTHER JONES, THE PROGRESSIVE, hell, try GQ and ESQUIRE or ROLLING STONE.
Steve Wacksman April 7, 2010
It's a winner, Dale. Sums it all up nicely - I hope you find a high profile outlet for it; it deserves to be seen.
marcellus hall April 7, 2010
love it
Ken Kimball April 7, 2010
Hit the nail on the head! I TOTALLY agree with you and LOVE the illustration!!!!!!
John Forcucci April 7, 2010
Great piece, Dale . . . kudos for saying it.
Chris Buzelli April 7, 2010
YES!!!! great piece Dale. I really don't understand why all these guys aren't in jail?
Supah G April 7, 2010
To the point! Good work.
Patrick JB Flynn April 7, 2010
Aptly wicked and a devilishly delightful depiction. Why all these GUYS aren’t in jail? Same reason Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove, etc. aren’t in jail.
Nancy Stahl April 7, 2010
"Feed me..!"
Jim Paillot April 7, 2010
Chilling and beautifully done.
Mark Heng April 8, 2010
Real Bite! I think the local Irish talk show djs need to see this...Watch this space...
Drew Friedman April 8, 2010
Dale, excellent! Hope to see it in print.
Victor Juhasz April 8, 2010
Dana Blankenhorn and Il Papa seem to share the same public relations consultant.
Jose Fragoso April 11, 2010
Great Pope´s face and his disgusting mouth hat. I think we´ll see the Pope in court... wait and see. Personally, I think he deserves it for accesory.
NWright April 12, 2010
Dale- sadly my friend- you are so right. fantastic piece.
Jonny Bold May 15, 2010
Brilliant Dale. Well put. I agree 100%
Forest Mayer June 17, 2010
Great work. love it! was this a personal piece or for a job?