posted: March 26, 2010
Here's another one just for fun. Jimi. I love Jimi above all others. A couple of weeks ago we had some dear friends visiting. We were sitting at the kitchen table having a good conversation with the usual insane spread that my wife always seems to conjure out of thin air. My friend Dennis was telling me a good story and suddenly in the background I hear "the Wind Cries Mary" on the radio. I continued smiling and nodding. After about 15 seconds Maria butts in - "Dennis, he's not listening anymore. Jimi Hendrix is on the radio". Busted.
I had all sorts of distracting shenanigans going on in here until my wife came in and demanded that I paint all that crap out. As always she was right. Thanks Maria.
I used a popular photo by (I think) the late great Jim Marshall for this. RIP.
Laura Levine March 26, 2010
Photo is by Gered Mankowitz (*cough*). With a little bit of elbow grease, Google Images can be your friend, Dale! : ) p.s the sad thing is how many occurences there are of this photo online with no mention at all of who the photographer is - not even on the websites of galleries using the image to promote their shows!
Kyle T Webster March 26, 2010
Perfect likeness and nice fat brush strokes. So, do you paint in PS or Painter? Or neither?
Dale March 27, 2010
Thanks Laura. I gave it a good 10 minutes searching for the photo credit. I stand corrected. Kyle, I started in PS, jumped over to Painter and as always, quickly became fed up with how SLOW it is. Talk about watching paint dry. It's too bad, I'd love to use Painter more, but it's just so damn slow that it's useless to me.
doug shepard June 7, 2010
for years I never had a radio in my car because if I heard jimi, it would make me forget I was driving and I would crash