Jack White
posted: March 23, 2010
Jack White. Just for fun. In high school I must have drawn every rock star of the 60's and 70's. I've been doing a lot of musicians between jobs lately. Uh, drawing them I mean. I'd like to do more music related work, so I'll be posting more soon.
Kyle T Webster March 23, 2010
Awesome, Dale! And the red background is the obvious choice - perfect.
Richard Downs March 23, 2010
Nice piece, Dale. I like the cut under the left collar, looks like you pushed a big wet brush up there.
Leo Espinosa March 23, 2010
this might be my favorite illo of yours followed closely by Kanye West
Stephen Kroninger March 23, 2010
I can almost hear the man through your brushstrokes.
Laura Levine March 23, 2010
Really nice, Dale!
Mark Fisher March 23, 2010
I agree, one of your best that I have seen.
Adam McCauley March 23, 2010
Dead on, nice! I like having Meg on his shirt too, really nice visual contrast.
Christoph Hitz March 23, 2010
I'm going to beat Randy Enos to it: "Great hair" and yes one of your best!
Brian Stauffer March 23, 2010
The detail in the hair is insane. What a masochist you are!
Steve Wacksman March 23, 2010
Perfect. And the light! Love the radiance of that red. "workrock" - how appropriate!
Ellen Weinstein March 23, 2010
Nice image, Dale!! Love the hair especially!
harry March 23, 2010
freaking great man!
Tim OBrien March 23, 2010
I smell a RED-off in your future. Good image Dale and yes, red is just a great color as a background. Jack is Cassius' favorite musician right now.
Carl Wiens March 24, 2010
I can see you had fun with this Dale! Nicely done.
Chris Buzelli March 24, 2010
Great illo Dale! Jack is burned into my retina.
David Flaherty March 24, 2010
Late to the party Dale, this is most excellent!
Dale Stephanos March 24, 2010
Thanks everybody. I'll let the subject matter absorb all the praise so I don't float away. But I have to admit that after several weeks of rain this kind of sunshine warms me up.
Joe Ciardiello March 24, 2010
Really nice one Dale.
Drew Friedman March 24, 2010
Nice one, Dale.
John Dykes March 24, 2010
Super work, Dale. Love your musician series idea... Its a cool thing we illustrators have - create stuff that interests us on a real personal level - and this effort usually turns into assignment work. Better man the phones for those calls!
Victor Juhasz March 24, 2010
Excellent painting. Great portrait. And red. The hair is a gas too.
Mably March 25, 2010
Super cool! Putting Meg on the t-shirt is a masterstroke.
Rob Dunlavey March 25, 2010
I like the straight-on not-too-forced caricature quality in this one. It's still your style but it let's a certain malevolence seep out rather than satire. Which is appropriate is it not?
Dale Stephanos March 25, 2010
Thanks again everyone. Anyone see "It might get loud"? It's a fun documentary focusing on White, Jimmy Page and the Edge(Do I capitalize "The?). Fans of electric guitar will enjoy it. There's one great scene where Jack White makes an electric guitar out of a board, a string, a couple of nails and a pickup.
Yuko March 25, 2010
A really really nice one!!!!!!
Tim J Luddy March 25, 2010
Dale, this is perfect. There's such a sense of engagement with him, including that slightly alien intensity that he exudes. Meg is actually pretty intense, too, but she balances out nicely with him. And yes, the hair, and the red. It was a joy to come across it.
Hanoch Piven March 26, 2010
did anybody mention the GREAT hair? Beautiful hair yes!
Jody Hewgill March 27, 2010
Jack's expression is great ! nice little open mouth pout.